Thanks to the new Raymarine ECI-100

Raymarine introduces ECI-100, a solution that allows to connect the engine diagnostics with autopilot and chartplotter.

Easy and cheap to install

One of the 2014 debuts for Raymarine is ECI-100, an innovative solution that links engines, instrumentation and drive-by-wire propulsion system with the autopilot and the Raymarine GPS. ECI-100 collects data from the engines and immediately shares infos about performance and fuel consumption, through different menus on the MFD Raymarine screen.
Design is oriented to maximum simplicity, so Raymarine ECI-100 requires a single linking point with no need for engine gateway, making installation cheap and easy. A DeviceNet Port is connected straight to standard engine data bus, NMEA2000 or J1939, covering the largest part of the market.
ECI-100 couples to the network backbone NMEA2000 using the SeaTalking wiring. Each insulated port is powered separately, ensuring reliable and hassle-free performance, both from the electronic instrumentation and the engine systems.


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