Makò 68 with Suzuki DF150TG a package of technology and versatility

The Suzuki DF150TG outboard gives its best in partnership with Makò 68 by Zar Formenti. It’s one of the best packages for Suzuki.

If you’re criusing on a seven meter RIB, you may ask something more than just a pleasant navigation. You want to feel safe and comfortable in every situation. And a key point is the match with a reliable engine, powerful yet cheap to run, features that can be found in the Suzuki DF150TG of our test.

mako 680 suzuki 150

Makò 68 by Zar Formenti

First of all: the Makò 68 ticks all the boxes we mentioned above, although we would have installed also a cabinet for grill and sink. But it’s just a little flaw, as Zar Formenti has been able to find solutions that grant Makò 68 a top livability. On the foredeck the solarium hides not just a storage area, but a large anchor locker that contains the chain and conceals the anchor itself. There’s room for a fiberglass platform that comes handy for diving and especially for bow-to moorings.

mako 680 suzuki 150 mako 680 suzuki 150 mako 680 suzuki 150 mako 680 suzuki 150

Some removable elements allow to expand the sun bed to the console, or to get a dinette which is not fully centered to give room to the passageway (just one, to port). The center console hides a locker and hosts in a simple design a digital gauge which offers loads of information. The windshield is framed by a sturdy handrail, while the seat can be lifted for piloting while standing. Tilt the backseat, combine with the aft bench, and you have another large solarium. Moving abaft, we mention the two comfortable platforms aside the engine, good for moving easily in and out of the water.

mako 680 suzuki 150

Suzuki DF150TG

The four-in-line Suzuki DF150TG e DF175TG, have been introduced last year and come from the same 2.86 liter block (175 c.i.), 4 valves, with respectively 150 and 175 HP (110 and 129 Kw). Both feature two technological innovations already seen on the larger DF300AP and DF250AP: theLean Burn system and the Suzuki Precision Control. The first measures the real fuel need, instant by instant, allowing thus to save up to 16% of gas as compared to the previous DF175TG.

mako 680 suzuki 150

The Suzuki Precision Control is a board computer that precisely controls the speed, granting smooth and fast starts thanks to the drive-by-wire throttle and to the gearbox control. Maneuvering in the harbor becomes extremely easy. Finally, the sequential multipoint injection with ECM sprays into each pot just the precise amount of fuel needed for a correct combustion.

mako 680 suzuki 150 mako 680 suzuki 150

The test

Outside the natural fjord of Poltu Quatu, Sardinia, a strong mistral wind hinders our chances of a proper test (the navigation photos, for the same reason, have been shot during another day). With a permission from the Coast Guard we then try to reach the top speed in the recessed water of the port. In the tight turns we need to take every time we reverse our course, there’s the chance to appreciate the sensitivity of the electronic throttle and the good acceleration of DF150TG.

mako 680 suzuki 150

With just three passengers on board our 19” propeller seems a bit short and a 21” would work better, but in normal conditions (i.e. much more load) it’s good to have more acceleration. Even working on the trim I can’t get beyond 5800 rpm and 35 knots. I also lack enough space in front of me. Technicians from Suzuki show me their sheet, where it’s clear they reached 6200 revs and 38 knots. At our top speed the fuel burns at 80 liters per hour, so it’s good to know that when slowing down to 13 knots and 3200 rpm we’re still in the plane and need 17 lph. It’s time for a quick excursion out of the harbor: even with choppy water the hull behaves perfectly, and were not for the photo cameras aboard we could dare some higher speed.

Suzuki DF150TG tech specs

Power150 HP (110 kw)
Max revs     5000/6000
Cyliders, valvesin-line   4, 16
Displacement     2867 cc (175 cubic inches)
Final ratio     2,50:1
Weight     223 Kg (with long leg)

Makò 68 tech specs

Length overall     6,80 mt (22ft 4 in)
Beam     2.80 mt (9 ft 2 in)
Cockpit length     5,90 mt (19 ft 4 in)
Cockpit beam     2,00 mt (6 ft 7 in)
Tubular diameter     58 cm (1 ft 11 in)
Chambers   5
Passengers    12
Dry displacement    760 Kg
Max output    200 HP
Min output    90 HP
Suggested output    50 HP
CE certification  B


1000 rpm        3,0 knots          3,5 mph           3,3 l/h         0,9 gph          66 db
1500 rpm         5,4 knots          6,2 mph          5,6 l/h           1,5 gph          72 db
2000 rpm        7,3 knots          8,4 mph          9,8 l/h          2,6 gph           74 db
2500 rpm        8,7 knots         10,0 mph         14,8 l/h        3,9 gph           77 db
3000 rpm        12,4 knots       14,3 mph          19,9 l/h         5,3 gph          79 db
3500 rpm1       8,2 knots        20,9 mph         23,8 l/h         6,3 gph          81 db
4000 rpm         22,0 knots      25,3 mph         31,2 l/h          8,2 gph         84 db
4500 rpm        25,5 knots        29,3 mph         43,5 l/h         11,5 gph        85 db
5000 rpm        29,5 knots       33,9 mph          60,5 l/h        16,0 gph       87 db
5500 rpm        32,3 knots       37,2 mph           75,5 l/h         19,9 gph      89 db
5800 rpm       34,8 knots       40,0 mph          80,0 l/h         21,1 gph      92 db

Test conditions
Calm sea, temperature 20° C (68° F), fuel 200 lt (52 US gal), water empty, passengers 3, clean hull

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