Higher performance, lower consumption for the new Kohler 100 and 125 Kw generators

Two new generators from Kohler debut among the wide range offered by the American Company. This time the target is the superyacht segment, with two diesel units that deliver 100 and 125 Kw at 50 Hz, and comply with the EPA Tier 3 American norm.

The common rail high pressure injection, the integrated parallel function, and the new Fast Response X (FRX) alternators that can activate magnets more effectively, all take these two units from Kohler at the top of performance with lower fuel consumption and less space needed.
In order to bring such technology on smaller boats as well, very soon Kohler will debut a new range from 11 to 28 Kw with a newly designed KDI Kohler engine.

News in the news, these power units boast the last-gen control panel dubbed Kohler Decision Maker 3500 (DEC 3500) which, among other advantages, allows to drop the paralleling external control, as it already includes such function.

The Kohler DEC 3500 offers a different user interface, for an easier input and output of the data. The advanced features of the control panel include the monitoring of output power for the first generator and synchronization with other units. It can be programmed into three different paralleling modes: P-gen (Kohler patent), electric Droop or voltage variation / revs variation.

Finally, Kohler technology for these generators provides a standard DC electric system with insulated neutral and lower emissions than the previous Tier 2 models. Also the maintenance is reduced, enough to suggest the mount of these units on working vessels, through specific and integrated solutions proper of a professional usage.

Click here for all the Kohler generators and their spec sheets


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