EcoFlyer 540, cruising in economy

Flyer and Honda Motor Europe have just debuted the new range of EcoFlyer ribs, frugal and environmentally friendly

Technology, concentrated. With the purpose of finding economy and ecology, the first result achieved is very good news for the wallet: 6 liters per hour (six, it’s not a typo) at cruising speed.

The first two models of the Flyer range, EcoFlyer 540 and EcoFlyer 610, feature a low drag hull, a weight-saving construction, even an aerodynamic shape for the deck. All of this is aimed to increase performance and lower the need for power and fuel.

The Honda Marine outboards, thanks to the innovative ECOmo system, can change the stoichiometric ratio when cruising, i.e. the amount of fuel injected in the combustion chamber along with the air. These engines are the perfect match for the EcoFlyer ribs, contributing to excellent results in their class in terms of frugality.

The EcoFlyer 540 powered by Honda BF40E burns just 6 liters of gas per hour at cruising speed, and reaches a maximum of 33 knots (38 mph). It’s the ideal rib for a family of four, and in some Countries the limit of 40 HP allows to pilot it without a license. The versatility is enhanced by the transom couch that turns into a sunpad, and by the fore dinette that can host a small table. Including the front-faced bench before the center console, four people can seat at once. The helm station is comfortable and ergonomic thanks to the driver-oriented dash and the safe windshield. As mentioned, its shape has been developed in order to reduce air drag at speed.

There’s four main lockers: one for the anchor, another underneath the foredeck, a tal one inside the console and finally the large aft lazarette, which is easily accessible and boasts a double bottom to insulate it from the bilge. The swim platforms follow the peculiar shape of the tubular tips, so they are quite extended to the back and grant a comfortable access to water.

Technical features

Length overall     5,40 mt (17 ft 9 in)
Beam     2,40 (7 ft 10 in)
Tubular diameter     59 cm (1 ft 11 in)
Chambers     5
Displacement, without engine     350 Kg
Passengers    9
Suggested power    60 HP
Maximum power    80 HP
CE certification   C

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