Yamaha Marine debuts the new F150, F8/FT8 outboards

Yamaha Marine has just announced three big news: F150 is the renewed version of the popular and reliable 150HP 4-stroke unit. The transportable F8 is available also in the High Thrust FT8 version.

It’s not easy to improve such a successful and bench-marking engine like the F150. Yamaha Marine engineers had to raise the bar by introducing new features to make it even easier to use. The result is an outboard that combines advanced technology and a stylish look.

The architecture is 16-valve, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) 2.7 liter in-line four, with Multi Point EFI. The new F150 sets new standards in terms of combustion efficiency, economy, reliability. The four valves per pot allow the engine to better breathe, but also to be more quiet thanks to the sophisticated 4-in-1 exhaust. There’s also a new gearbox with stiffer gear (8 teeth rather than 6), which should get into gear easily and extend engine’s life. Outside, there’s a new cowling and a new varnish to better protect against corrosion.

The new F150 can count on electronic evolution as well, like the Variable Trolling rev control, engaged by the touch of a button: it controls the speed of the engine in 50-rpm intervals, between 650 and 900. Or the Digital Network system, whose main advantage is the availability of many multi-purpose instruments. Again, the exclusive anti-theft Yamaha Y-COP with remote control, the Shift Dampener System integrated on the Reliance Series SDS propellers to reduce noise and vibration. Finally, the new Yamaha Marine F150 boasts an excellent power-to-weight ratio, low fuel consumption, and the typical reliability of the Japanese brand.

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New Yamaha Marine F8/FT8

The successful transportable engines by Yamaha Marine become more modern, powerful and easy to use. The new F8 and its spin-off High Thrust FT8 feature an elegant and compact cowling, so far copyright of the more powerful units. Totally new both aesthetically and mechanically, they share a 212 cc, SOHC two-cylinder block. It means a 7.5% increase in displacement on the older models, to give more torque and a faster acceleration, without hindering mileage, quietness, lightness, and practicality in use and transportation. All features that were already peculiarities in the range.

The tiller has a new, ergonomic design, with the right length and intuitive commands. The reverse gear switch, now on the lever, is safer and quicker to use. Even moving and storing the engine is now easier, thanks to the dry weight reduced to just 40 Kg. The new, thin shape, together with the new shape of the tiller handle, allow a reduction in total size. The two engines boast a new handle for transportation and new stands to easily lay them horizontally.

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