TAmare Nuvola 32, I love you Evinrude G2

TAmare stands for Ti Amo Mare (I love you, sea), as the love born between the new Evinrude G2 and the Italian daycruiser.

Matching a classical look like the one of Nuvola 32 to the peculiar design of the G2 could seem an hazard. On the contrary: the sharp and edgy lines of the engine give aggressiveness to the Mediterranean design of the boat. And should you desire to improve the combination, you can choose among 350 different liveries for the cowling. Every man to his taste.

The boat we tested mounts two Evinrude G2, 300 HP each, which is the maximum output available for the new engines. These are 3.4 liter V6 units, of course two strokes like the whole range of the North American builder. This technology seem to survive against the grain, but has now reached levels of refinement that imply low consumption and emissions, along with the usual sporty performance. That’s what we are here to test.

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The deck

TAmare Nuvola 32 is the largest in the Sundeck range from the boatyard, still it is one centimeter shy of the 10 meters mark. The definition of daycruiser doesn’t fit properly to this boat, whose features allow for overnight cruises. The aft cockpit boasts a large L couch around a removable table, and a galley just behind the helm seats. It hosts a sink, a grill and the refrigerator. To protect when the sun is really hot, a bimini top covers the area but remains visible when folded, massively hindering the look of the boat. Back to the swim platform though a gate to port, we realize how the new wiring and mounts from Evinrude have drastically reduced the cables, nuts and bolts, and have made the whole transom very clean and tidy. In order to keep this tidiness, the extra gear can be stowed in the lockers beneath the benches.

The center console leaves space for two passageways that lead to the large fore solarium: this is protected, when needed, by an umbrella shade whose peculiar shape doesn’t hinder functionality. Practical detail, the sturdy guardrail accommodates the fenders.

The nice look of the dashboard is partially put down by the small (yet complete) Evinrude instrument, but can be solved by installing a big GPS screen as there’s plenty of space. The three seats can be tilted to allow the standing position.

The cabin

You could expect little space, but the TAmare Nuvola 32 offer enough space for to couples and even for more than a night. The typical V couch abow serves a table and turns into a bed, and another double berth stays amidships below the console. To complete the layout there’s a galley to port and the heads to starboard, both fitted with everything is needed.



The test

After some floods the surface of Lago Maggiore crawls with dirt and logs, so we need to be careful. But our Evinrude G2 300 “pushes” from the transom and the new BRP throttle commands look very captivating, so – with a pair of 20” Viper props – we get into plane in 4.4 seconds and to 30 knots in just over 8. Moving the trims two steps up allows for a top speed reckoned in 47.3 knots at 5900 rpm. The fuel burns at 185 litersper hour at this pace, which is not bad for the size and weight of the boat.  If the noise from the engines is drastically lower when compared to the predecessors, it is still clearly understandable their two stroke architecture. But there’s nothing to be bothered even on a boat intended for cruising.


What could fit on the Nuvola 32 is a couple of less powerful engines, although the money saved is not much when thinking of the safety granted by some extra horsepower. The fuel consumption is rather good at cruise speed (80 lph at 30 knots) and quite low at minimum planing pace (48 lph at 3100 rpm and 17 knots).

Our navigation, trying to avoid all the floating debris, continues with sharp turns and crossings of our wake revealing a very good handling and a soft ride. We would have liked a totally different situation, in order to properly test what the coupling between TAmare Nuvola 32 and Evinrude G2 300 is capable of.


Technical features

Length overall 9,99 mt (32ft 9in)
Beam 3,10 mt (10ft 2in)
Tubular diameter 0,60 mt (2ft)
Boat displacement 3400 Kg
Ma output 2×350 HP
Fuel tank 570 lt (150 US gal)
Fresh water tank 100 lt (26 US gal)
Passengers 12
CE Certification B


rpm knots mph lph nm/l mpg dB
1000 5,2 6,0 5,1 1,02 4,45 67
1500 7,0 8,1 11,1 0,63 2,75 72
2000 8,4 9,7 19,6 0,43 1,87 77
2500 9,9 11,4 34,5 0,29 1,25 84
3000 15,0 17,3 48,7 0,31 1,34 84
3500 22,7 26,1 60,1 0,38 1,65 85
4000 28,8 33,1 77,1 0,37 1,63 85
4500 34,2 39,4 96,6 0,35 1,54 86
5000 38,2 44,0 124,2 0,31 1,34 86
5900 47,3 54,4 185,6 0,25 1,11 88


Test conditions
Calm lake, temperture 15° C (59 F), fuel 450 lt (118 US gal), no fresh water, 2 passengers, clean hull

TAmare Nuvola 32, no engine€ 94.000 + taxes
Evinrude G2 300from€ 26.799 + taxes

Visit TAmare website
Visit BRP Evinrude website


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