Joystick controls for everybody with JCS Plus by Yacht Controller

Until now, there were many limitations if you wanted to use joystick controls, in particular on boats with shaft propulsion which are the larger part of the floating stock.

Another limit came from the difficulty (when not impossibility) to mount them on older vessels, often requiring a tricky and expensive installation.
Not any more. Yacht Controller solves the problem for all the boats, the only requirement being the electronic throttle levers. Installation costs drop down, as there’s no need for complicated wiring: everybody can go for the joystick and in a short time.
JCS Plus suits to any kind of propulsion and couples with all the types of electronic controls. Up to four joysticks can be mounted on the same boat, and even a wireless station, which allows to maneuver through a remote control interacting with the fixed joystick.
Last but not least, JCS Plus has a competitive price, starting from € 4,500 + VAT.

How does it work?

Two buttons on the joystick command the bow thruster and the stern one (if mounted), but it is even possible to mount the system on boats with shafts and no side propellers. As easy as that!


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