Mercury Verado: in Miami the new 350 and 400R

The Miami Boat Show is the stage for the debut of two top-of-the-range Mercury Verado: the renewed 350 and the totally new 400 Racing. The engine builder reaffirms their leadership in the “muscle” outboards segment.

The new Mercury Verados, just introduced at Miami Boat Show  mark a new limit for the stock outboards: the actual threshold of 350 HP has been trespassed, to reach 400 with the addition of a small R, which stands for Racing. The 400R is a mean machine, and debuts straight above any other competitor.

While we wait for further information,  Mercury has released a video to show the innovation of the new units, so we made it available for you on this page.

mercury new verado 400r

What’s still unknown of the Mercury Verado 350, as well as of the 400R, is the displacement: so we can only guess that the 2598 cc (158, supercharged inline six has remained the same, while everything around has changed. Starting from air supply, with a new intake and a new supercharger. At just  300 Kg, the Verado 350 is the usual featherweight, despite the reinforced stern and the improved transom plate and thrusts. Of course the joystick is still available.

The same joystick system can be coupled also to the new Mercury Verado 400 Racing, which features the same innovations of the 350 but climps up another step in terms of power. Beside the Racing tag and the “400” sign on the cowling, there’s a Sport leg and stern, derived from the racing ones, and the red-line settled at 7000 rpm. As for the look, it is available in black or white, with seven different sets of stickers to customize the cowling.

We invite you once again to watch the official video, and we promise that we’ll “test the Best” (or the Beast?) as soon as possible.

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