Dellapasqua DC9 Elite: part cruiser, part offshore

A boat designed to live the sea 360 degrees. Her name is Dellapasqua DC9 Elite, and she combines in 11 meters the large cockpit of an open boat with the cozy interiors of a cruiser. And promises to face every sea state.

With over 450 units built (on a total of 1300), the DC9 is a real icon for Dellapasqua shipyard. The Elite name is peculiar of the open models, which once were the core production for the Company and today, after a time marked out by cabin and flybridge boats, are once again in the spotlight to reaffirm the sporty spirit of the builder. At the first glance it’s already evident how the aim was a clean and traditional design, where open space is a priority. Should one need more space below, there’s a flybridge and even a hard top version. The hull is made to safely cruise in any sea condition, thanks to the 18 degrees deadrise and the shaft-driven transmission. Moving on board is safe as well, helped by wide side decks and tall and stiff guard rails (well integrated in the whole design).

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Construction-wise, the DC 9 Elite is hand laminated using mats pressed individually with steel rollers and high-mechanical-performance resins. The outside layer is white neopentyl gelcoat, especially made to resist UVA ageing. Hull and sides are made by fiberglass with foam core and transversal and longitudinal reinforces. Engine mounts and bulwarks are in marine plywood covered in fiberglass. The deck is laminated in fiberglass and mats, Termanto sandwich and marine plywood reinforces.

The deck of Dellapasqua DC9 Elite

Once aboard the first thing to impress me is the availability of space, as compared to the size. But there’s a trick: including the (ample) swim platform, this boat measures 11 meters, not 9 as suggested by the name. So many times boatyards go the opposite way. The aft sunpad lays on the port side of the cockpit and can be used in navigation, feeling more secure than on the foredeck solarium, while the table can be taken apart and put in the dedicated slot by the helm station.

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The dashboard feature analogue gauges around the center GP screen, combining elegant look and comprehensive information. When not in use, the awning can be recessed in the windshield frame, although it doesn’t hinder the lines of the boat when mounted. There’ an optional roll bar on the price list, but I believe it would spoil the good look of the DC9 so don’t go for it.

The interiors

The lower deck pays the price to that much open space. But there’s actually everything I needed: a heads, a dinette / double berth, and a fore cabin with a center queen bed. The excellent quality of material and finish is the consequence of the yard’s experience in building wooden boats.


The on board services controls are all gathered in a single touch screen, making any operation quick and intuitive. There’s no galley downstairs and this could be a limit, but it’s enough to use the one outside, in the shade of the awning.

The test

Our DC9 Elite is propelled by two FPT (Fiat Powertrain) units delivering 370HP each; with a smaller 2×280 and a larger 2×400 option. This solution seems to be the best though. We leave the dock and get out of the Port of Marina di Ravenna, in the northern Adriatic. The bow thruster control works perfectly and I don’t miss a more modern joystick. This Dellapasqua DC9 Elite is a sincere boat, not much “rudder-happy” and very precise.


Approaching the open sea I encounter chopped water due to afternoon southern wind. The trim tabs are set to zero, so it’s time to push the throttles wide open: few seconds to plane, the progression goes on and in little time I’m at top pace of 35 knots. The first change of direction (wide as shaft drives impose) gives me another knot of speed. The hull is sharp and very soft on the waves, while the keel keeps the route perfectly. Only the companion door (or better, its latch) are tediously noisy, and I believe Dellapasqua is going to fix it soon with some rubber insulation. I slow down to 28 knots, the engines rev at 2300 rpm and the hull softly planes on the water. It’s the best cruise for a good cruiser.

Technical features

Length overall 11,02 mt (36 ft 2 in) Beam 3,08 mt (10 ft 1 in) Draught 0.70 mt (2 ft 4 in) Dry displacement 9970 Kg Engines 2×400 HP Fuel tank 600 lt (158 US gal) Fresh water tank 350 lt (92 US gal) Passengers 12 CE certification B Performance

rpm knots mph
600 5,0 5,8
1000 8,0 9,2
1500 12,0 13,8
2000 23,0 26,5
2500 30,0 34,5
3000 36,0 41,4

Price With 2×370 HP FPT engines260,000 € approx Standard equipment, excluding transportation and VAT Test conditions Smooth sea, temperature 28° C (82° F), fuel 400 lt (105 US gal), fresh water 350 lt (92 US gal), passengers 3, partially clean hull, engines 2×370 HP. Visit Dellapasqua website


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