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Tohatsu MFS 40 A: four strokes made to hit

Brand new, and especially four strokes: the Tohatsu MFS 40 / 50 A outboard proudly shows off thanks to several innovations.

There’s many key factors about the Tohatsu MFS 40/50 A, some of which are particulary significant for the severe conditions it’s been tested in, in order to comply to the needs of markets like the Russian one.

Some lines from the presentation: “The key factors (…) are: aredodynamic design of the cowling, reliability, reduced weight, low consumption, torque comparable to a 2-stroke, easy maintenance”. It depicts the perfect engine.

Starting from the aerodynamic design, we certainly realize a leap forward from the previous cowling. The new look will be featured by next models as well, with MFS 15/20 and MFS 25/30 already in the pipeline.
As for reliability, the new engines have been thoroughly tested in Russia, running for 5000 Km up the Lena river, with no issues; while in Italy some units have been used for 260 up to 1000 hours in a season showing no difficulties.

The lightness is highlighted by figures: at just 95 Kg on the scale, the MFS 40 A is the lightest in class, and the 50 unit is no less.

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Consumption shows good performance, as Tohatsu reckons this engine can run at idle 20 minutes more than a direct competitor (with the same amount of fuel of course), which is useful for fishermen. With a 25 liter tank, it can run 8 extra  Km as compared to two other brands.

The torque is massive and it’s “enhanced” by a new gen leg with 2.08:1 ratio, for an acceleration that resembles a 2-stroke engine.
Last but not least, the easy maintenance is granted by unification of some components: intake and fueling parts, ISC valve, high pressure supply, engine anode (behind the thermostat), MAP/MAT sensor, and many other elements. This means quick disassembly and fast service.

October 2015 will see the introduction of an evolution named MFS 40 AE, compatible with TOCS (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System), which will allow a simple link with on-board instruments compatible with NMEA2000 protocols.

Among the other relevant features of the new Tohatsu engine, we can also list: variable idling speed control, built-in fresh water flushing system, high output alternator (21A), low oil pressure warning, integrated diagnosis system, anti-spray plate, multifunctional tiller (optional).

Tech specs Tohatsu MFS 40 A and MFS 50 A
Number of cylinders 3, four stroke
Power 40 HP (29.4 Kw) / 50 HP (36.8 Kw)
Displacement 866 cc (52.8 cubic inches)
Bore and stroke 70×75 mm
Max rpm 5000-6000
Weight 95 Kg (ETS)
Mac COC fuel consumption 13.7 lph (40HP) / 15.7 lph (50HP) (3.9 / 4.1 gph)
Lubricationwet sump
Start electric
Gear ratio 2.08 (13:27)
Injection EFI electronic fuel injection
Alternator 12 V, 252 W, 21 A
Fuel tank25 lt (6.6 US gal) (external)

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