T. Mariotti takes on two refits to return full throttle in the business

T. Mariotti has lately acquired two orders for refitting and maintenance of megayachts Andreas L and Rahil, both over 50 meters. They mark the return of T. Mariotti in this prestigious business.

The Italian shipyard T. Mariotti from Genoa, specialized in design and construction of cruise ships and megayachts, and historically also in the business of vessels repair and transformation, has received two orders for refitting and maintenance of two large units.

The first one is Andreas L, a 60mt yacht which is dry-docked in Genoa Port for mechanical, painting and carpentry work. The same docks will then host Rahil, a 54mt unit with steel hull and aluminum superstructure, built by Mariotti Yachts in 2012.


In order to reinforce their presence in the business, T. Mariotti has invested 9 million Euros since 2010, for infrastructures and design platforms for new models. Through the Mariotti Yachts brand, the shipyard offers a range of new concepts between 38 and 51 meters, then yachts measuring 54, 59, 73 and 85 (180 to 280 ft). With the “tailor made” formula, they are then able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, supported by the consolidated experience in legal and technical issues regarding passengers vessels.

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