Cancelli Akes 25 Walkaround: fishing, cruising

Cancelli Akes 25 Walkaround is a sportfisher with cabin born from the cooperation between the Italian yard and Akesdesign. It grants seaworthiness and livability.

We already tested the good hull of Cancelli Akes 25 Walkaround on the open version Akes 25 Fisherman. In that occasion we highlighted the build quality, with a 5083 H111 marine aluminum hull, 6 to 8 mm thick, and a hard net of transversal and longitudinal bulwarks that make it capable of facing any sstress.

Featuring the same hull, the 25 Walkaround can count the same pros: low speed planing, soft impact on waves, sprayless navigation. All combined with a light weight for good performance and low consumption with just one 200HP engine.

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On-board comfort and ergonomics have been taken into deep consideration: two large swim platforms abaft, aside deck 60cm wide, a comfy dinette with two facing sofas and a center table that can be stowed or placed to create a longer back solarium. There’s even a live well on the back of one couch. The pilot seat, which features two handy grab rails in addition to the ones in the back, hides a locker good for a refrigerator or for storage of the gear. The helm station can be fully customized according to owner’s needs. The so called G-top is built with a one-piece curved pipe and a welded metal sheet for placing instruments and lights.


The foredeck is accessible through two steps from the cockpit, and the walkaround area features a manhole which can be covered with cushions to form a solarium, well protected by handrails on the sides. On the nose, an insulated locker encloses the electric winch and the anchor chain.
A 60cm wide door opens into the lower cabin, that boasts a double bed (195x180cm) and a huge storage space underneath. On the starboard, to aft, there’s room for a separate heads as well.

Despite a thick and sturdy hull, the Cancelli Akes 25 Walkaround è is divided into watertight compartments and features hot-cut and glued polystyrene to grant floating in any situation.

Length overall 8.10 mt (26ft 7in)
Beam 2.55 mt (8ft 4in)
Displacement 1200 Kg
Passengers 8
Max output 1x350HP; 2x175HP
Top speed (200HP) 36 kn (41 mph)
Top speed (350HP) 52 kn (60 mph)
Fuel tank 300 lt (79 US gal)
Freash water tank 100 lt (26 US gal)
Live well  50 lt (13 US gal)
Design category  B/C


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