Volvo Penta Forward Drive, another revolution in marine propulsion

The new Volvo Penta Forward Drive (FWD) could bring a revolution in the segment of sterndrive transmissions.

Perhaps this is the dawn of a new era for the sporty segment of the nautical market. Volvo Penta has just introduced the Forward Drive, which combines counter-rotating front propellers with a traditional, trimmable sterndrive. The patented design consists of a front-facing propeller, which pulls the boat rather than pushing it, optimizing the water flow to the blades. Clean and efficient, it grants superior efficiency, acceleration, versatility and responsiveness, allowing a more practical use with many activities: water skiing, wakesurf, wakeboarding.


The drivers can customize their wake for different skill levels, at the same time counting on a better handling at low speed and while mooring. The duo-prop system, with front-faced counter-rotating propellers, produces the first and only symmetrical wake in the sector, and a uniform wave on the desired side.


More, Volvo Penta Forward Drive reduces noise and vibration and cancels smoke in the cockpit thanks to the underwater exhaust. The adjustable trim allows to tune the setup granting comfort and fuel efficiency. And it’s also safer: during stops with the transmission down, the front blades remain under the keel, making it possible any water activity behind the boat (including fishing and swimming).

“Volvo Penta has a long tradition of innovation in the marine business – explains Ron Huibers, Chairman of Volvo Penta of the Americas. Thanks to the talent of our engineers, we launched the first sterndrive, the first Duo.prop, and IPS, the first system with pulling propellers. Now our team has combined the three technologies in another revolutionary product, the Volvo Penta Forward Drive”.

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