V6 Suzuki: power, versatility, reliability

The range of V6 outboards from Suzuki is declined in four power steps: 200, 225, 250 and 300 HP. A cutting-edge technology grants high performance.

The architecture of Suzuki V6 offer advantages in terms of size and weight: the reduced angle between the two banks (55 degrees) allowed to adopt a smaller block without compromising the good features of V6 engines.


The Offset-Driveshaft, which  moves the engine and the transmission shafts on different levels, made it possible to adopt a smaller stern and move the center of gravity to bow.
Torque and power at every speed are a combination of technical choices such as the 24 valves driven by double overhead camshafts, electronic injection, variable valve timing (on DF250, DF250AP and DF300AP) or multi-stage induction (for DF225 and DF250). The values are therefore very good at low and mid revs, granting the right push and a reasonable consumption.


DF300AP and DF250AP feature also the exclusive Suzuki Selective Rotation, which allows to make the same engine work clockwise or anti-clockwise, by just adding a small part and mounting the right propeller. This is a good point in terms of versatility, and simplifies resale chances.

The two top units boasts also the electronic drive-by-wire for a precise and immediate control. Common to all, the Lean Burn Control System, which cuts fuel consumption and emissions.

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