Neander diesel outboard

Neander, the first diesel outboard

A two-cylinder, 800cc turbocharged unit is the core of a revolutionary outboard.

It was on display at the Selva Marine booth, during last Genoa Boat Show, but its dark fairing may have mislead many: it is an outboard engine, but it’s diesel-powered. According to the spec sheet, the basement has two cylinders (best solution for size and weight), displacement is 800cc (48.9, with bore and stroke of 80x80mm, for a total output of 55HP (40 Kw) at 4,500 rpm, and a torque of 120 Nm (88.5 lb ft) at 2,000 rpm.
Final ratio is 2,07:1, but the most relevant figure is the weight, limited to just 155 Kg (a similar gas engine is around 100 Kg). A great result, considering the toughness required by diesel-propelled units.
It’s easy to imagine that the main application of Neander will be for professional use, but if saving fuel and being green is your priority…why not!

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