Benetti at Singapore Yacht Show 2015

Benetti Asia increases their presence in the area, opening two offices in Hong Kong. A solid team of professionals has achieved important goals in the last five years.


Benetti is one of the top exhibitors at Singapore Yacht Show 2015, the most successful yacht show in the Far East

Asia has become strategically important for the superyacht market. As its wealth increases, more  High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) decide to invest their time and money purchasing luxury items such as yachts. According to the latest statistics, Asia-Pacific continues to be the driving force behind the growth of HNWI’s in 2013. At 17.3% Asia has the highest regional growth, for a total of 4.32 million, and reduces their gap to the leading region, North America, to just ten thousand individuals. The combined worth of HNWI’s in the Asian Pacific in 2013 was the equivalent of 14.2 billion USD (+18.2%).


Based on these trends and the commercial success over the last five years, Benetti has increased their presence in the Far East and Asia Pacific, in order to take advantage of the area’s big potential. Benetti, the first builder in the world for yachts over 24 meters in the last 15 years, has the main Far East office in Hong Kong. Led by Luigi Adamo as General Manager, with Alberto Giannerini as Service Manager and Natalie Ye as Marketing Manager, the office is located in the luxurious Gold Coast Marina. Benetti is confident they will be able to count on a well prepared and competent team to develop their presence in the Regional market, reinforcing their relationships with Owners and their representatives.

In the last five years Benetti sold in Asia super yachts for a total of 390 meters: two Delfino 93’ (28m), one Classic 121’ (37m), one Classic Supreme 132’ (40,2m), three Custom of 55m and one Custom of 60m. Contracts for a Classic 121’ (37m), Custom 60m and a Custom 72m are at an advanced stage and will probably be closed within 2015.

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