With thermal cameras, darkness isn’t that scary anymore

Total darkness or extremely reduced light can be a big trouble during navigation: the new thermal cameras by Raymarine still give a clear image of the surrounding area and allow to seek obstacles and avoid collisions.

These new cameras from Raymarine come in two versions: M400, fixed, stabilized and multi-sensor, and Ocean Scout, removable and portable.

The rotating/tilting system make the M400 versatile and high-performing. The 640×480 sensor give this thermal camera very clear and shard images even in total darkness, so an obstacle can be identified in the short and medium distance. Add to it a color HD video camera and a narrow-beam LED light and the results can be surprising.  The continuous optical zoom lens (4x) allow to see objects or other boats at long distance, and with the optional radar and video tracking it’s possible to keep them monitored and follow their movements. In addition, the gyroscopic stabilizer neutralizes the problem of blurry images.

raymarine-termocamera-schermata-1-650x401 raymarine-termocamera-ocean-scout-2-650x401

The portable Ocean Scout camera offers the same performance and features a hi-res LCD screen and the Flir thermal sensor. It comes in two models with resolution of 240×180 or 336×256.

The M400 multi-sensor stabilized thermal camera will be available soon, while the two Ocean Scout versions are already on the market: indicative prices are under 2000 euros (+ VAT) for the 240 and under 3000 (+ VAT) for the 320.

Ocean Scout main features


• Available in two models: resolution 240×180 or 336×256 (320 with direct video output and enhanced performance)

• New high resolution LCD screen

• Can reveal a man-size target at over 500 meters

M400 main features


• High resolution thermal images (640×480) with a continuous, optical zoom (4x)
• Sony high definition color video camera with 30x optical zoom for additional safety

• LED high intensity, integrated spotlight for short range obstacles

• Active gyroscopic stabilizer for steady images even in rough sea

• Joystick intuitive command, improved user interface

• Optional radar and video tracking.


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