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A new generation of Suzuki LCD devices has been launched on the market: behind a four-inch screen there’s an advanced communication system.

The new Suzuki instruments are a modern interface between the driver and the outboard engine, capable to manage a huge amount of data and to do such in an easy and clear way, with a customizable layout and a digital or analogue output. When coping with a machine, being informed is fundamental. Therefore, getting detailed information in real time and in a clear way is the way to better use the engine in terms of efficiency, safety, performance and durability.


Available from 2016

This new Suzuki LCD series gives all the infos related to the engine and its operation, by communicating with the ECU. This is true for all the outboards in the range between the DF9.9B and the DF300AP. Starting in 2016, the new screens will be optional, or standard in case of electronic throttle levers.

The interface of the new display has been studied to allow a good read at the first glance, in any light condition (even in the night). The output include rpm, boat speed, trim angle, fuel, etc… Through the screens it’s also possible to get all the diagnosis data regarding the regular working of the unit and, in case some anomaly should occur, the captain is immediately warned with alarms and visual indications.

Beside their practicality, the 4in LCD Suzuki instruments use the NMEA2000 communication standard, which allow to quickly connect most part of the electronics available on the market, such as echo sounders, autopilots, radars, etc., so to include also third-parties information and to interact with larger screens.

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