Ultraflex: “Vero Volante Italiano” (“the real Italian wheel”)

The range of steering wheels from Ultraflex furtherly develops with the new 35 cm range: with a diameter of 14 inches, they can be installed on the Ultraflex rudders (fixed or adjustable), and can be completed with Paddle Trim controls.

The top of the range Ultraflex wheels carry the trade mark “Vero Volante Italiano” (true Italian wheel), to underline that each and every model has been designed and manufactured in Italy, using Italian parts and technology, as certified by the Ultraflex quality control system. All the wheels comply to the CE 94/25 Guideline and carry the CE mark, according to legislation EN 28848 – EN 29775  and to safety requirements ABYC P22.

Three models with exclusive look

Adorno (first image) is an elegant wheel, with leather or polyurethane grip, and chromed or varnished hubcap.


Contarini is a “new classic”, featuring stainless steel frame and technical rubber grip.


Grimani is a sporty wheel with anatomic grip and chance to have chromed or varnished details.

The Ultraflex Paddle Trim is a rocker-arm control, integral with the rudder stand and the Ultraflex tilt, and can easily be operated with the fingers while the palm stays on the grip. It’s similar to the paddles used in cars with sequential gearbox. On the boat it is used to adjust the position of the outboard engine, or the stern, the surface drive, the trim tabs, the powerlift or other controls, without moving the hands from the rudder wheel. It is available in two versions, with two or four controls.


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