2016 preview: Anvera 55

Centrostiledesign partners with LG Technology Hub and there we have Anvera 55, innovative project of a performing maxi-rib built in composite. It will be on display in Cannes.

Centrostiledesign by Davide Cipriani worked with designer Aldo Drudi and LG Technology Hub for an innovative process of molding capable of reducing time and cost of production.

To take advantage of this innovation, it’s the bold maxi-rib Anvera 55, designed to match high performance, low consumption and good comfort. It’s the first project of the new LG Technology Hub range: a new Company led by Giancarlo Galeone, Luca Ferrari and Gilberto Grassi, names that definitely mean something if you’re a bit into powerboating.  Centrostiledesign has been chosen as technical partner.


From offshore to Valentino Rossi

This team of professionals partnered with Aldo Drudi, especially known for designing helmets of many motorbike champions, including Valentino Rossi. Drudi has then shaped the Anvera 55, a rib measuring 16.5 meters with rigid hull, ready to be introduced to the public of Cannes Yachting Festival.

Despite the performance (we’re talking of 55 knots with two Cummins 500HP each), Anvera 55 promises a reduced fuel need, thanks to usage of carbon fiber for many components in order to reduce weight. This choice, surely not frequent for ribs, is also useful to lower the center of gravity and to design a sharp and performing hull.

Centrostiledesign could design most of the parts, and, with a constant activity in R&D during last 12 month, has not only made the traditional molds but has also integrated this project with a new idea of polyester-paste mold.

This high performance part can bear even carbon fiber molding and all the relative, needed post-care treatments. In this way it’s possible to reduce cost and time of production, with no loss in terms of quality of the final result.


Beside the said innovations, Anvera 55 features a versatile cockpit with opening terraces to enlarge the deck area. Another peculiar solution is the slide-down windshield, so the felling while piloting can turn from a relaxed cruise to an aggressive motorbike ride.

Centrostiledesign has been founded this year by merging the 25 year long experience of Studio Ti (tech partner for many industrial enterprises) and Centro Stile (design studio in the boating business with many important and renown customers). Centrostiledesign has now the right size and structure to face the market challenges with high quality standards and a comprehensive chain of services for their customers: from concept to design, from engineering to structural and fluid-dynamics calculations, from realization of production models, molds and scale models, to the preparation of all the technical documentation in industrial and nautical areas.


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