Volvo Penta IPS goes extralarge

To celebrate their 10th birthday,  Volvo Penta IPS debut on a superyacht: they have been installed on Amer 94 “Save the Sea”.

Since the introduction in 2005, Volvo Penta IPS gained popularity as much as the boats that mounted them were increasing in size. Now, following market demand, Volvo Penta can offer three families of powertrains for double, triple and quadruple installations. They can move boats from 30 to 100 feet, or 9 to 30 meters. So, this Amer 94 “Save the Sea” is on the high end, measuring 28.4 meters for 66 tons of displacement. The Italian yacht, built by Amer Yacht in Liguria, is at the moment the largest with IPS.

Superiority of Volvo Penta IPS

“Volvo Penta IPS is a reliable and qualified system, superior in any way to any alternative with inboard and shaft drives – says Barbara Amerio, chairman with Amer Yachts -. The level of comfort is unbeatable, and this is something we’ve always been looking for for our customers. But we also needed to provide a power comparable with traditional shafts, so the solution with three Volvo Penta IPS1200 is the best one for our Amer 94”.

The propulsion system uses counter-rotating props, while maneuvering is made easy by the joystick and the dynamic positioning. All the devices involved in moving the yacht are compatible, integrated and controlled via the EVC system, which supervises the functions, the accessories and the operations from a single platform including navigation computer, engine data, inverters, electronic throttles.

“Customers like Amer Yachts are now understanding how Volvo Penta IPS is perfect for superyachts – explains Nicola Pomi, Responsible for Marine Activities with Volvo Penta Italia -. Amer 94 encouraged other boatbuilders who are now interested in using Volvo Penta IPS on their boats and yachts. They are eager to see how such a compact, inboard system can grant enough power to move a superyacht”.

Quiet and compact

Volvo Penta IPS not only offers more power, but also saves space. The engines are compact, so even with a triple installation there’ still a lot of space left in the engine bay and aboard the yacht. By extending the hull of Amer 92 by just 60 centimeters (24 inches),  Amer 94 boasts five cabins instead of four. Making the unit perfect for charter too.

Dubbed “Save the Sea” for the green approach, Amer 94 can claim a reduction of 30% in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, thanks to IPS propulsion. With such a saving, the cruising range is extended, in average, by 40%. More, the high efficiency means increased performance, reduced vibration and better maneuverability when compared to a traditional shaft-driven yacht, with up to 50% less noise.

“Our customers say, Volvo Penta IPS is so quiet that boat owners are not used to it and at the beginning they can’t tell if the engines are on or not – says Pomi. On a superyacht, where luxury and comfort are the main features, such a noiseless powertrain returns an unmatchable experience of navigation, making IPS unique”.

“It’s time for a revolution in the superyacht market – concludes Barbara Amerio. Volvo Penta is known for innovations which have redefined the environment, and after ten years of installation on smaller yachts Volvo Penta IPS is ready to draw new boundaries for yachts such as Amer 94 and similar ones”.

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