Boarding Ring

Here’s the Boarding Ring, the glasses that stabylize.

SAY goodbye to seasickness!

At least, it’s what Boarding Ring promise. It’s glases you want to wear not for their look, and you easy can tell why…but for their purpose, which is to make you face navigations with no more sickness. Thy’ve been invented by a French optician, Hubert Jeannunm based on the know principle that the problem has its origin in the misalignment of the inputs coming to the brain from the eyes from the inputs coming from the inner ear. So the glasses have four rings (two in front, two on the side stands), half filled with blue liquid that will tell the eye the real movements of the boat, as perceived as well by the inner ear. In order to complete the process and have your brain receive two consistent feedbacks from the senses, eight minute are enough, then you can take them out, emerge from your hideout and go back socializing with your friends and partner aboard, as fit as ever!
They are available in different colors and sell at about 60 €.

Boarding Ring Boarding Ring Boarding Ring Boarding Ring

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