Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck: who said small?

Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck, entry level of the range, convinces for the versatility and the incredibly generous spaces.

Being the smallest in a family implies sometimes that annoying complex of inferiority to bigger siblings. This is not the case with Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck, that can reply in a reduced scale all the features found on the larger units in the lineup.

The little big Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck

Placing in just 5.50 meters everything the Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck can feature, that’s the small miracle made by the designers at  Beneteau. We remind that Flyer 5 is offered in two versions: SpaceDeck, and the SunDeck of our test. The former sports a center console and a clear cockpit from bow to aft, while the SunDeck has a large solarium to fore. Beneath the structure there’s a small cabin with double berth, where the center element is removable for two single beds or even an emergency dinette. There’s even space for a hidden potty.


The helm station is in a darker color to stand out from the hull, and leaves enough space for engine gauges and electronics. Access to the fore sunpad is to port, while to starboard there’s a practical cup holder. The two bucket seats can turn back and serve the dinette, while the aft bench can turn into a second sun bed but still leaves a passage to the swim platform and ladder.


beneteau-flyer-5-sundeck_1-938x535  beneteau-flyer-5-sundeck-room

As the rest of the Flyer range, Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck features the renowned Air Step hull (a patend from Beneteau, here in the latest version), which releases an air flow under the keel to reduce water drag and ease planing, requiring less power to obtain the same performance. Two intakes on the sides of the windshield capture the air, then channeled underwater through specific pipes that get to the bottom of the hull.

The test of Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck

Chopped sea, wind, and wakes from many boats: the day is sunny but the water condition can be a hard test for a 18-feeter. I’m eager to see how this Flyer 5 will behave, moved by a Suzuki DF115A, which seems to be the correct choice in terms of power. I get the first confirmation as soon as I exit the harbor of Palma de Mallorca: 4 seconds to get into plane and less than 10 to reach 20 knots are very good figures. Given the conditions, keeping this pace proofs a hard task, but in the end we reach the “promised” 5800 revs and touch 30 knots: in better conditions we would have exceeded that pace. It’s definitely impressive to face waves taller and wider than our boat, but working carefully with the throttle I can stay in the 4-5 thousand rpm pretty easily, I even have the chance to test some sharp turns. Only the tightest ones bring the propeller to cavitation, but it’s not something that a normal navigation would require. Impact on the waves is always soft, even when some quick sequences don’t allow a correct approach. I can appreciate that even in such conditions we don’t get any sprays. In the end, it’s well proven that Beneteau Flyer 5 SunDeck allows a pleasant day cruising and grants a safe return to port even when the weather gets bad.


Technical features

Length overall 5.50 mt (18 ft)

Length hull LH5.17 mt (16ft 11in)

Beam 2.34 mt (7ft 8in)

Dry displacement 1240 Kg

Fuel tank 135 lt (35 US gal)

Fresh water tank 50 lt (16 US gal)

Passengers 6

Maximum power 140 mhp

CE design category C-D


Schermata 2015-11-02 a 10.49.41

Test conditions

Moderate / rough sea, temperature 18°C (64° F), clean hull, fuel 100 lt (26 US gal), fresh water empty, passengers 3

Indicative prices
Beneteau Flyer 5 Sundeck W/O engine€ 11.680 + VAT
Suzuki DF115A€ 12.960 + VAT


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