Pershing 140: the first superyacht is in the water

Finally there she is: Perhing 140, the first superyacht from the brand is built in aluminum. She went in the water at the end of February in Ancona.

It could’t have been a better stage: the innovative Super Yacht Yard in Ancona has hosted the launch of the first unit of Pershing 140, the brand’s new flagship and the first aluminum Pershing superyacht. A joint work of architect Fulvio De Simoni, Ferretti Group Strategic Product Committee, and the Group’s Engineering Department, the new 43.30-meter unit is the first Pershing model manufactured in Ancona’s Superyacht Yard, the Group’s premises specialized in building steel and aluminum mega-yachts over 40 meters.

Destination Hong Kong

Pershing 140 features an original layout in the transom section, as the raised cockpit becomes a mezzanine: so a vast, open area on the sea connects the decks from the swim platform to the flybridge. The latter, well integrated in the overall profile, is a large panoramic terrace with freestanding furniture.

The main deck boasts a living with wet bar and a dining area, followed by an ample private area dedicated to the owner. Below deck, four cabins with en-suite feature twin or double beds.


The brand new Pershing 140 is leaving for Hong Kong, her final destination, and will be officially introduced to the public in the next months.

Pershing 140: the new flagship turns the page

Pershing 140 will be the big news from the brand of Ferretti Group for 2017. After a 115’ flagship, going up to 140 feet can be considered a natural evolution for the Pershing range. If not a necessity, for a boatyard that targets high-end customers all over the world.

We all know the role of Italian shipyards in the yachting business. So, it’s no surprise a larger model from Pershing. What is unexpected is the shape of it. Pershing yachts have always had a peculiar exterior look, evolved during the years but with a strong family feeling across the range. It is tough to distinguish one model from another, while it’s immediately clear that you are looking at a Pershing.  l “models” Here’s the range.


What you see here is a mint fresh preview, so nobody can tell what’s behind the renderings. So far.

The designer is still Fulvio De Simoni, “pencil” behind every Pershing since foundation. In this case, the characterization is totally different from the siblings. First, the bow is rather vertical and square, kind of a merge between a wave-piercing one and the typical sleek one found on fast boats. The curvy Pershing lines here are replaced by tense and straight ones, with edges formed by side and back windows. The only traits of the brand are almost hidden: the upper deck profile shaped like an arch and underlined by the side glass, and the new aft pillar which connects deckhouse and bulwarks.


Despite a flybridge-like upper deck, Pershing 140 is classified as an open-hardtop yacht, like the rest of the range. Of course, in almost 50 meters it would have made no sense not to exploit the sun bridge for hosting a dining area, a wet bar under a hardtop, and a huge modular solarium. The main difference with a total deck is the aft overhang above the cockpit, which is not there.

The real terrace on the sea is the cockpit, which offers plenty of space around the center solarium, couch and table with chairs.

Inside, the owner will use the wide-body cabin to bow of the main deck, while guests will have four cabins with en-suite on the lower level. Needless to say, customization will be as high as it’s expected by a Pershing yacht.


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