Lomac Adrenalina 9.5, when the name says it all

Adrenalina 9.5 is not a revolutionary project, still it carries so many new solutions and ideas that it fully deserves the attention it got

The deck of Lomac Adrenalina 9.5
I start from the stern, where two platforms aside the outboards grant an easy access to the water. The gate to the cockpit is on the starboard, while beside it a comfy bench can be part of a sunbed just by adding a wooden stand and a cushion, normally placed in the locker underneath. This area is properly big, and can store all the gear for scuba diving or water skiing. The bimini sunshade can disappear completely under the cushions, but it can be mounted rather quickly when needed. Behind the dashboard there’s the driver’s chair, or, more correctly, the galley closet: underneath the surface there’s access to a work station with sink and stove while the structure hosts a refrigerator and a little tilting surface that becomes a tiny table.
We didn’t appreciate the dashboard the best, because its plain design puts all the instruments on the same, sloping level, with creativity given just by the positioning of screens.
The dash is large and the gauges and indicators are easy to read, but some more exciting design could better fit the Adrenaline 9.5: it deserved more daring ideas.
Abow, the sun area doesn’t simply offer ample storage underneath the cushions, but, with just a movement from the electric table, it becomes a sunbed in a minute. The anchor is hidden and access to its locker is granted by a small hatch, so the top part of the fiberglass nose can host a step, very useful when mooring to the bow.
Finally, we appreciated that Lomac could fit a cabin with a double bed or two single ones with central hallway, still leaving space enough for an en-suite. All, made with elegance and wise usage of the space, so that you never think of backup solutions, but to real, extra opportunities.

Lomac Adrenalina 9.5 Lomac Adrenalina 9.5 Lomac Adrenalina 9.5 Lomac Adrenalina 9.5 Lomac Adrenalina 9.5 Lomac Adrenalina 9.5

The test of Lomac Adrenalina 9.5
The sea is not properly quiet and a tedious long wave could hinder the top speed of Adrenalina 9.5. But it doesn’t stop us: as we push the throttle the two Yamaha OB with 300HP each quickly push our RIB to 50 knots, and working a bit with trim tabs we rev up to 5.800 touching 53 knot: just one knot short of the figure declared by the builder, who probably made the test in better eater condition.
Fuel consumption is some higher than 200 lph, but I want to check whether at the suggested cruising speed of 30 knots things are actually much better. And in fact, figures say 3.000 rpm, 31 knots, and some more than 63 lph. Dropping to 26 lph @ 2000 rpm while still planning, at the minimum speed of 12 knots. At this point, we fully agree with the Shipyard’s suggestion to go for the 2x250HP, while the 2×300 HP is the choice for the owner who looks for top performance.
Cruising on at high speed, I can appreciate the excellent protection offered by the windshield even when I am standing. Even a flatout with side waves confirms the excellent stability; I then try to turn tighter and tighter, and got it clear: even handling-wise, the Lomac Adrenalina fears no competitors.

The Lomac Adrenalina 9.5 in numbers

Length o.a. 9.42 m (30 ft 11 in)
Beam 3.51 m (11 ft 6 in)
Draft 0.98 m (3 ft 2 in)
Displacement 2850 kg
Engines max 2×300 HP
Fuel tanks 700 l (185 US gals)
Passengers 20
Ce design category B

Prices and all other data on the Lomac Adrenalina 9.5 are on the March edition of BoatMag.it, the free magazine you can read and download in these pages.

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