Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2015, what a success for Otam Millenium 55 HT

Otam Millenium 55 HTconquers the American public: 3500 HP with Arneson Surface Drives, luxurious interior for four guests in two cabins and a large cockpit.

Otam Millennium 55 HT required to use a new term: “express yacht”. It aims to redefine boating parameters with a mix of luxury, performance and livability. The boat, an eye-catcher during last Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2015, features an impressive powertrain consisting of Arneson Drives transmissions and props, pushed by two Cat C32 delivering 1724 HP each, for a top speed in excess of 55 knots (63 mph).


Otam Millenium 55 HT as a “supertender”?

The project of Otam Millenium 55 HT, 18.7 mt long (61ft 7in) and 4.68 wide (15ft 4in), dates back to 2009 when it was conceived as tender for superyachts. Performance and comfort made it an instant success asa charter boat between Miami and Palm Beach, as testified by Otam Millenium 55 HT “Carbon” from Mr. Zenatti.


The main features of Otam Millenium 55 HT are the hull design and the versatile technology of construction spacing from composites such as Kevlar and carbon fiber to traditional fiberglass, choice dictated by the required performance. To all of this, Otam Millenium 55 HT adds a refined interior and a well-organized cockpit.


On the deck, a large helmstation is surrounded by wet bar, grill, kitchenette and a large solarium, to confirm how luxury performance and style can go together at the highest level.


Belowdecks, the main open space can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of each customer. Two cabins and four berths, galley and a cozy living area offer a relaxing break from the sun to all guests.


The owner’s cabin is located to bow and features separate en-suite and shower room. A day toilet is located down the companion way, while an optional layout sports salon, closed galley, and double cabin to aft. A crew cabin for the captain is accessible from the foredeck.



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