From Sweden, here’s the interceptors from ZipWake. Forget the trim tabs

You struggle to keep your boat balanced? Don’t want to adjust trim tabs every time? From Sweden the news is called ZipWake: a new setup regulator based on interceptors. By reacting in real time to navigation movements they always keep the boat balanced. All by themselves!

ZipWake is a system consisting of interceptors, constantly exchanging data with the control panel on the dashboard through a signal-distributing ECU, which can manage up to three pairs of interceptors. It works both on planing and displacing boats.


zipwake-control_panel_front_back1-300x185  zipwake-distribution_unit1-300x185

With a high-frequency GPS, a 3D gyroscope and the movement control system, ZipWake can neutralize pitch and roll and minimize drag against waves. In addition, it can compensate an excessive lean of the boat during a yaw.


All of this by just pushing a button on the display installed on the dashboard, and in case on a secondary screen for the flybridge.

How is it possible for ZipWake to do everything by themselves?

The principle seems easy: a small box on the transom, with small blades going up and down to correct the boat balance in real time. The time of reaction for the interceptors is just 1.5 seconds: 5 times faster than any trim tab. Also because, a travel of just 30 centimeters is sufficient. Positioning the interceptors on the transom cancels any water drag when they’re idle, with a small improvement in performance and fuel efficiency.

ZipWake is designed to be affordable: the price starts from approximately € 1600 + taxes, and in can be installed quickly and without assistance. The whole system, when packaged, fits in a box that can be carried away under your arm as if it were a small appliance.


Instructions are newbie-proof as well, and the actuators are integrated in the interceptors so there’s no further stuff to install. The only possible issue can come from the through-transom holes that need to be drilled to mount the boxes. But this small operation can be done by a professional.


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