Alusmart Aermarine

Aermarine has something new to say in the tender segment

Thanks to the partnership with Carpenteria Cancelli yard, Aermarine has developed a range of pneumatic tenders with aluminum hull.

Ribs with aluminum hull: it is no the ramp to become a big trend. The advantages of this material as compared to fiberglass are well known: lightness, resistance, easy maintenance, full chance of recycling.


Aermarine Alusmart Cabrio

Aermarine has a record in smart solutions, being the one who invented the tilting transom (see the “Suzukino” tiny ribs they build for Suzuki Marine), now they launch this lineup of tenders. Partner in the operation is the italian yard Carpenteria nautica Cancelli, who add these tenders to their models tested on BoatMag International.

  1. Akes 19,
  2. Akes 25 Fisherman
  3. Akes 25 Walkaround

As for the Alusmart dinghies, they are built in Italy by craftsmen specialized in tenders using for the hull marine alloy 5083. This and the tilting transom (now a patent in the USA) make them pretty unique. The offer can space among all the different customers’ needs, in terms of typology, model and size. Being a complement to a luxury yacht, each one is fully customized.

Any Aermarine client can chose fabric colors, side fenders, handrail shape, floor material. The cushions are available in different colors and materials.


Four models space from 2.50 to 3.10 meters, with two models measuring 2.80. They can carry 4 or 5 passengers for a weight going from 32 to 48 Kg. Considering the lightness, engines can be rather small, in the 10 to 20 HP range. Aermarine can realize models of any size from 2.00 to 3.50 meters.

Cabrio Alusmart Aermarine

Cancelli Carpentry

The expertise of Cancelli boatyard, specialized in aluminum carpentry, is fundamental for the hull of Alusmart units. Most of it has been made with a bending machine, while welding has been done only for the bow and the transom (beside, of course, the inner skeleton). This choice enhances the sturdiness combined to lightness, which remains one of the core advantages of aluminum technology.


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