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Saver MG, the new RIB range

Boot Düsseldorf will be the stage for the debut of Saver MG, first time of the Italian boatyard in the RIB segment.

As the boating sector is finally recovering, the popularity of ribs is increasing every day more. So, the Italian yard Saver has decided to introduce the new MG range, a series of projects they had in mind since long time. Now is the right time: in their 30th year of activity they will introduce four new models at Boot Düsseldorf.

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Saver MG: four models to find new customers

Why has Saver decided to offer the MG ribs? To complete their range of boats with an alternative to traditional fiberglass boats they already offer to dealers and clients.

At the beginning the lineup will consist of four models: MG 515, MG 580, MG 710, MG 760. They will all be previewed in Germany. With comfort being the main target, they will feature two sun pads, permanent or not depending on the model. On the larger ones the center console will hide a potty, while many lockers will provide storage space for all the equipment you need to take on board. Aft platforms will come as standard like the swim ladder and rubber handles covered in fabric.

MG 760 promises to be innovative thanks to some peculiar solutions: the fore tubular is replaced by fiberglass, while the transom features engine brackets. The rubbery fabric for the tubular will be Orca, in different colors ranging from white to different shades of grey. Only outboard engines will be available for the propulsion.



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