Simrad GO7 Xse is the chartplotter and fishfinder for techie anglers

Available in February, Simrad GO7 XSE has an echo sounder ideal for shore fishing.

it is a powerful, stand-alone chartplotter and fishfinder. It looks as a regular screen, but insidere there’s plenty of last generation technology: Total Scan, StructureScan HD, DownScan Imaging and ForwardScan Sonar.

Anglers just need to chose the right transducer to couple with the built-in sounder, so it will be possible to track depth with precision and in real time, and therefore to spot shoals. The new Simrad GO7 Xse will record all the navigation routes, making them available later along with the depth info, allowing to mark favorite spots for fishing.  More, with StructureScan HD Imaging and ForwardScan technology the display will show photo-images of the sea bottom below and beside the boat. In addition, DownScan Imaging and Chirp sonar offer an ideal sight on the target even in deep water.

How much is it?

The indicative price range of Simrad GO7, available at authorized Simrad dealers, spaces between 749 and 899 euro + taxes, according to the transducer you want to match with the screen.

The multi-touch display is very bright and intuitive to use. Like a smartphone or a tablet, a touch on the screen is enough to interact with the system and fix a waypoint, chose maps, scroll the images, pinch-zoom and so on.

Beside the mentioned technology, Simrad GO7 XSE uses a 10Hz GPS receiver and can connect with on-board devices such as autopilot, engine data monitoring, Sonic Hub 2 audio system. It also features wireless connectivity and the new, powerful Simrad TripIntel on-board computer.

TripIntel offers a range of useful info for route planning, like fuel need related to the courses which will update according to detours, then tide levels (present and future), and archive of previous cruises with all the data about route and performance.

A unique feature of Simrad GO7 Xse is the Cruise Charting page, which combines navigation data and maps in a single, easy to read screen.

Simrad GO7 XSE can connect with any NMEA2000-compatible device, including engine sensors, fuel flow, fluids level, speed and much more. It supports a wide range of cartography standards such as C-Map Max-N, Navionics, Insight, Insight Genesis and NV Digital Charts.

Simrad brand belongs to Navico, along with LowranceB&G and GoFree. With four brands and 1500 employees around the world, Navico is the world leader in marine electronics and sell their products in over 100 Countries.


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