Tohatsu MFS40 and BWA Sport 17 are the essence of boating

Although not brand new, Tohatsu MFS40 and BWA Sport 17 are the ideal match for the first-time boater. In fun.

Tohatsu MFS40

BoatMag International already presented Tohatsu MFS40 at the moment of its launch for 2015 season. Main innovation for this 3-cylinder, 4-stroke 866 cc outboard are the aerodynamic design of the cowling, a family look then introduced on the smaller units, and the availability of two power steps (the 50HP is conveniently named MFS50).

The Japanese engine is light, with 95 Kgs on the scale to make it the featherweight of its segment (and even more for the MFS50). The fuel consumption is stated to be 13.7 and 15.7 liters per hour for the two powersteps, although there’s no precise figure about the “certification speed”. Add to this a redundant value of torque, combined with the new generation shaft and the 2.08:1 final ratio, and you get an acceleration seen only on two stroke engines.


The low maintenance is granted by the simple construction which unites several components for a quick disassemble.

Since 2015 Tohatsu MFS40 is compatible with TOCS (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System), developed to allow an easy connection with control instruments and on board screens, as long as they comply the NMEA2000 protocol.

More features are found in the adjustable idle, integrated washdown system, high output alternator (21A), EFI, integrated disgnostics, oil change alarm, and the optional multi-functional tiller.

BWA Sport 17: all in five meters

BWA Sport 17 is a simple RIB, in the sense that it follows tradition and rationality. Nothing to highlight and nothing to blame on the other hand, except maybe for the poor instrument panel which sports only rev counter and trim gauge. Probably enough for daily cruising tough. It’s enough to say that you won’t miss sun pads, settees and lockers. The Italian yard surely knows what they’re about.

The test

On a choppy sea we can stress the hull and the engine. The MFS40 is a generous engine, and coupled to a 13” three-blades screw takes only four seconds to plane and quickly pushes the Sport 17 to 27.6 knots at 6300 rpm. Without the fuel consumption gauge we have to stick to official data, so I move to reckon the minimum planing speed, which is an excellent 9 knots at 3000 rpm (speed comes from my GPS).
At this pace the balance varies much according to weight distribution, as customary for this size of crafts. What counts is the safe and immediate response of the hull even in sharp turns, helped by the good push coming from the engine.

The numbers of Tohatsu MFS40 and MFS50


Engine type four strokes

Power 40/50 HP

Max speed rpm 5000-6000

Fuel consumption 13,7/15,7 lph

Cylinders 3

Bore and stroke mm 70×75

Displacement cc 866

Starting electric

Weight Kgs 95

The numbers of BWA Sport 17


Length overall 5.10 m (16ft 9in)

Beam 2.19 m (7ft 2in)

Displacement 220 Kg

Engine, max 90 HP

Engine, min 30 HP

Tubular diameter 0.54 m (21in)

Passengers 8

Test conditions

Moderate sea, temperature 18° C (64° F), clean hull, fuel 30 l (7 US gal), passengers 3

Indicative prices

Tohatsu MFS40 from € 4.750 + VAT

BWA Sport 17 from € 11.800 + VAT

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