Flyboard passion? Nautica Bego is the place to go

Flyboarding is the next big thing for the summer. Nautica Bego in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore, cooperates with Flyboard Italy and DK Summer Club to give you all the fun.

The potential of flyboard is pretty big, and even more so on Lake Maggiore: it is a spectacular discipline, and one of the best in Italy, Benny Passuello, performs right on the Lake, some kilometers from the headquarters of Nautica Bego.


Flyboard and jet ski is the winning couple

Always looking for new trends, Nautica Bego promptly noticed Flyboard, a spectacular and challenging discipline good for brave and sporty people, and a further way to use a jet ski. It doesn’t come by chance that Nautica Bego is Sea-Doo dealer and their partner Yachting Store markets Yamaha WaveRunners.


Flyboard pro-rider Benny Passuello comes from DK Summer Club, one of the main “Wasc” centers: not Flyboard but wakeboard, hoverboard and sup a well. He’s the man to talk to, in order to know the secrets of the discipline.
“I got to know Flyboarding during a trip to Florida, in 2013, and it’s been love at first sight. I immediately imported it to Italy and I can say I was one of the pioneers in the Country. Nowadays, there’s more or less one hundreds clubs all over Italy. The first questions I am asked are: is it difficult? How much does it cost?
The answers are pretty quick. It’s not easy to start, then if you want to go to a further step and perform some evolutions, you need to apply harder. The cost depends on the model, and you have to take into consideration the jet ski that must deliver at least 100 HP”.


About jet skis, we suggest you to take a look at our tests of Yamaha WaveRunner V1 Sport and VX Cruiser on BoatMag International. And let’s not forget that Flyboard is a trade mark, leader on the market, but there’s other brands and gears.
“To get started it’s better to contact a school like DK Summer Club on Lake Maggiore – says Benny Passuello. Normally, depending on the balance and fitness of the apprentice, in half an hour you get to 1 – 1.5 meters above the water, with the coach controlling the remote. A lesson is usually half an hour because after that you get physically tired and it gets useless. My suggestion is four lessons, 15 minutes each, to become independent and manage your Flyboard. But it can take up to three hours. The lessons cost 55 euros per 15 minutes and we don’t rent the gear, as it is very sensitive and that would require complex procedures. But if the discipline gets trendy, as we expect, we believe that our sponsor and jet-ski supplier Nautica Bego will establish some specific offer. Flyboarding is just on the start line”.

BoatMag will follow it, why not with specific tutorials to turn a curious spectator in a passionate boarder.


For more info and reservetion contact Nauica Bego at this link.

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