Garmin GHP Compact Reactor is the new generation autopilot

Garmin GHP Compact Reactor is a family of next-gen autopilots designed for small and medium vessels with hydraulic helm.

After the launch of Quatix 3, smartwatch with GPS, the leading Company in satellite navigation gets back to the marine field with GHP Compact Reactor autopilots, offered in three configurations, depending on the presence of GHC 20 and/or Shadow Drive. In the end it’s a modular system that can suit every need.

Garmin GHP Compact Reactor for a precise route

The new autopilot from Garmin features a solid-state, 9 axis compass with AHRS referral system, to minimize the route deviations, thus the helm movements and the power consumption. This innovative setting grants a precise and comfortable setup during navigation.
The new Garmin GHP Compact Reactor series can be installed almost anywhere: the compass doesn0t need a specific orientation. Thanks to the new technology and the square shape of the angular sensor, installation is made easy. Once in position, the GHP autopilot allows for a very quick calibration and setup time, in the range of five minutes.
With the exclusive Garmin Shadow Drive function it is possible to disable the auto-control any time the helm wheel is operated manually, leaving the user free of controlling the boat when circumstances need it,were it for a quick turn or an emergency maneuver. A complete system will sport also the SmartPump to provide more reliability, less power need and an easier installation.

Fully compatible with the NMEA 2000 standard, Garmin GHP Compact Reactor autopilots can be controlled through the Garmin chartplotter screen. This allows to use advanced features such as the new Auto Guidance 3.0 for the calculation of the best route and for a fast, simple and reliable navigation. In addition, GHC remote control gives the chance to manage all the features from your hands.
The new Garmin GHP Compact Reactor range is available from March at an indicative price ranging from  € 1200 and 1800 + VAT.


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