New life for Canados yard

A new ownership for Cantieri Canados: they have been acquired by Michel Karsenti, who bets on a re-launch with a new range of models.

There’s no better way to celebrate their 70th anniversary: Canados shipyard from Rome enters 2016 with a new owner, the entrepreneur Michel Karsenti, who is keen to take the Company back to the past glory: a story started in 1946, counting over 700 yachts above 36 meters built.


Cantieri Canados and Michel Karsenti

Michel Karsenti has sold more than 12 Canados yachts in the last years, including the ones under the Oceanic Yachts brand which he launched in 2014 and which used Canados as a contractor.
It’s a long time cooperation: “I was always fascinated by the shipyard. Year after year, visit after visit, Canados still has the same magical feeling, where strong maritime traditions are embedded in the DNA of the workers. I cannot say if this is linked to the 70 years the shipyard has been in business, or due to the fact Canados is located in the world’s richest region in terms of architecture, style, and history Rome is known for, but I can surely say that the same feeling is shared by all the clients visiting us. I’ve truly seen incredible technical achievements performed by this unique team of craftsmen!”
Canados shipyard acquired by French entrepreneur Michel Karsenti
9 February 2016 by Simon Hardie
Michel Karsenti has acquired the Italian shipyard Canados and announced a new product range. The iconic Rome based shipyard celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

French entrepreneur Karsenti has already built more than 12 yachts at Canados, including from his own brand — Oceanic Yachts. Canados will now continue to produce the Oceanic Yachts fast expedition yachts, as well as the Canados Yachts range of modern classic models, and the Gladiator Yachts line of sport yachts.
“As you can imagine, we did not acquire such an iconic shipyard as the result of a caprice. It’s been a long process and a well thought out move,” explained Karsenti. “For now, we are busy taking the first steps renovating and updating the production facilities as well as the two marinas that are part of the shipyard. We will soon introduce new products to the market. I also want to mention that our aim is to continue building ‘haut couture’ and not go for high production numbers.”

Cantieri Canados: a new brand identity and three product lines

Canados shipyard was founded in 1946, right after WWII, and a former military base for hydroplanes. So, first customers have been the Italian Navy and the Coast Guard. The master woodworkers who founded the yard became famous and got orders from Germany, Holland, Turkey, Hong Kong, France, Greece, and a significant number of emerging monarchies from the Middle East.
It is in the mid 50’s that Canados started focusing on the yachting market. Since then, more than 700 Canados yachts have been delivered around the world to customers of all nationalities.

Canados has always remained faithful to the values and secular knowledge jealously protected by craftsmen throughout its heritage. Even today, the skills and principles continue to be passed down from father-to-son. The shipyard claims to be one of the few Italian yacht builders to produce most everything in-house.
A new logo and brand identity have been created as an evolution of the original one that has been used since the 70’s, and with immediate effect, they will launch three product lines: Canados Yachts, Gladiator Yachts and Oceanic Yachts.
Canados Yachts. A modern-classic line of five fly-bridge models that are retaining the timeless elegance all Canados have always been acclaimed for. They will still all be manufactured with fully custom interiors, with ulls and superstructures designed by in-house design studio and built in GRP.
Gladiator Yachts. Each model of this line of Sport Yachts will be available in a Sport and a Performance version. The sport versions will feature GRP construction, while The performance ones will be equipped with surface drive transmissions, hull and superstructure in vacuum infused Kevlar/Aramat, and carbon fiber reinforcements.
Oceanic Yachts. All models of this line of fast Expedition Yachts are based on the peculiar “displaning” stepped hull concept, which allows a long range speed with optimized stability and low consumption. Hulls are in GRP and superstructures in Kevlar/Aramat.

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