Everything under control with Garmin GPSMAP 8400

Garmin GPSMAP 8400 is the new range of hi-res chartplotters with unlimited connectivity.

The new Garmin GPSMAP 8400 maxi chartplotters are available with Full-HD multitouch 17”, 22” and 24” displays and feature a new and powerful processor. They can be mounted on the dashboard or recessed, looking like a perfectly-integrated crystal console. They complete the offer from Garmin along with Garmin Nautix which allow to see navigation data on the glasses lens.


Garmin GPSMAP 8400, what a screen!

With Garmin GPSMAP 8400, thanks to the ultra-HD screen, splittable into a maximum of six windows, you can keep everything under control: maps, radar, cameras, echo-sounder, engine data, domotics.

The IPS (in-plane switching) technology allows a distortion-free vision, in terms of color and image, from every angle. They also sport anti-glare technology and LED back-lightning to be clearly visible in any light.

GPSMAP 8400 can be used as a touchscreen for Windows or Apple computers, via the integrated HDMI and USB Touch ports, with no need for keyboard or mouse. The new interface for digital switching and on-board domotics is even more user-friendly, and allows to easily manage the MasterBus and Czone networks.

The SmartMode function allows to quickly access all the info needed in complex situations such as while mooring.


All the Garmin GPSMAP 8400 models have ANT and wireless connectivity, NMEA 2000, HDMI, USB and 4  Ethernet ports. They also support the latest Garmin devices with full network compatibility. In addition, thanks to the J1939 port, it is possible to link with engines and generators so to have all the boat systems under control. They can be completed with Fusion-Link in order to control the on-board entertainment from the screen, allowing also to play videos in split-screen mode. Last but not least, with the integrated Wi-Fi it’s possible to connect all the 8400-series displays with the free BlueChart Mobile and Garmin Helm apps.


All the Garmin GPSMAP 8400 range is compatible with the optional BlueChart g2 HD and BlueChart g2 Vision HD cartography. This includes extra features such as 3D Mariner’s Eye and Fish Eye visualizations, above and under sea level, hi-res sat images, aerial photos for a better orientation during navigation, and Auto Guidance 3.0 technology, which allows to automatically calculate the best route to the desired destination.

Andrea D’Amato, Sales & Marketing Manager with Garmin Italia, states: “we wanted to offer a multi-purpose large-screen displays featuring high performance, easy UI, reliability: all things that are fundamental during navigation. The new Garmin GPSMAP 8400 series has been designed to be at the top on every aspect”.

Garmin GPSMAP 8400 screens will be available from April at an indicative price ranging from € 7800 to 12600 + taxes.

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