Nautica Bertelli: rent a boat for Christo’s Floating Piers installation

Floating Piers by Christo is a world-class event, and Nautica Bertelli can make it even more exclusive with their boats.

Floating Piers installation by Christo, the famous Bulgarian artist who moved to New York long ago, is expected to bring 17 to 40 thousand people a day on Iseo Lake, from June 18th to July 3rd.

It’s easy to say numbers, but the point is to manage them: we’re talking about 50 trains per day and parking lots with shuttles in several villages on the southern side of the lake. The lakeside road in the Province of Brescia will be closed to traffic, so it won’t be that easy to attend what has been dubbed one of the most important art events worldwide in 2016.


Floating Piers by Christo on a boat by Nautica Bertelli

The Floating Piers by Christo will connect the shore of Lake Iseo, on Brescia side, with Montisola mount and the second, smaller isle of San Paolo. It’s a 1500 meters long, 16 wide pier that will allow, in the artist idea, to “walk on water”. To step on this gangway may be difficult, considering the expected number of visitors, but to watch it from the water can be really easy thanks to Nautica Bertelli and their rental service, which will be furtherly improved during the event.


It is already possible to book one of the boats for rent, deciding with the office the exact date and time. The offer is wide, with boats and ribs starting from a 5.5 meters Open boat for five passengers with a 40 HP outboard, or a Sessa Marine Key Largo One with the same engine but for six people. If you want to share the (already affordable) expense with more passengers, there’s an exclusive Invictus 190FX for eight, an icon of Made in Italy and available with 40 or 100 HP. Stepping up, there’s the availability of Sessa S32 with two inboard Volvo Penta 2×270 HP for eight passengers. Then there’s the offer of ribs: Marlin 5.40 or 6.40 meters with 40 HP outboard for six or seven, up to the 6-meter Marin 17 with 100 HP inboard (six people) and the mighty Marlin 25, 8 meters and a 270 HP inboard for a party of ten. Just some minutes of navigation from Nautica Bertelli yard in Paratico (Brescia territory) will be quick and easy, and will grant a unique view of the world-spoken installation by the renown Christo.


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