Saver 300 Deluxe: the winning hand

After the Sport version and two Walkaround ones,here’s Saver 300 Deluxe to complete the Four-of-a-kind for the Italian 30-feeter.

Only the cabin was missing: so here’s Saver 300 Deluxe, for those boaters who felt the need of a space belowdecks to enhance the usability of this 9-meter boat. The propulsion is still on two outboards, in this case the powerful Mercury Verados 225.


Saver 300 Deluxe not by chance

The “Deluxe” in the name means a cured trim, when compared to the still competitive price. The model shares with the other models in the 300 range the hull, built with care in multi-directional fiberglass, isophtalic resin and sperachor insertions. What is unique in this version is the deck, with a raised superstructure to grant excellent space inside. The black details on its side give a further touch of personality to the whole look. The salon feels airy thanks to the large windows and the sliding roof and cockpit door. The helm station leaves space for a kitchenette (microwave, sink, stove) and for a dinette which turns into a single berth for the night.



The four berths of the Italian boat are belowdecks, with two options available: open space” delivers what the name says, with just folding curtains, while the “closed” one features bulwarks and doors to divide the spaces. In both cases there’s a double bed to fore, with lockers and drawers, and another one amidships under the helm station. The latter is barely a queen size one, good for children or for overnight guests. The head is in the middle, with pull-out shower.



The space outside is articulated with the same attention. The cockpit sports a sofa completed by a table, but changing the stands of the table itself turns the space into a sun bed. On the foredeck there’s a permament solarium good for two. Shower, hatch to the engine room, and a locker for lines and rig complete the features of Saver 300 Deluxe.


The test

As we mentioned. The propulsion is on two outboard units, delivering a total of 450 HP, even if our test figures show how it’s not really necessary to go for such a high output. Especially when considering that the 300 Deluxe is mainly for seafarers and not for racing boaters. One number says it all: with 4-blade 17” Rev4 props the plane time was a stunning 3.8 seconds. We believe that two smaller engines would have worked good enough on such a boat, while making the purchase even more convenient.


Even with this much power, the feeling at the helm is of being in total control, thanks to the hydraulic steering system and, in the case of Verados, to the SmarCraft DTS system. The hull is responsive and at ease in every direction, returning a high sense of comfort and leaving a perfect visibility through the windshield and the side windows.

The impact on the water is soft and the rolling is reduced to a minimum, even when not moving. As for the pure performance, the top speed is just shy of 48 knots but a fast cruise can stick to 4500 rpm and 34/35 knots. Which is also good for the fuel consumption, although we couldn’t test it directly as our boat missed the dedicated software.


The numbers of Saver 300 Deluxe

Length overall                            9.00 m (29ft 6in)

Length hull LH                           8.60 m (28ft 3in)

Beam                                         2.98 m (9ft 9in)

Displacement                             3200 Kg

Engines                                     2×225 HP

Fuel reserve                              500 l (132 US gal)

Fresh water reserve                  100 l (26 US gal)

Passengers                                10

CE design category                   B


1000 rpm                                   4.7 knots (5.4 mph)

1500 rpm                                   5.6 knots (6.4 mph)

2000 rpm                                  10 knots (11.5 mph)

3000 rpm                                   20 knots (23 mph)

4000 rpm                                   30 knots (34.5 mph)

5000 rpm                                   37 knots (43 mph)

6000 rpm                                   47 knots (54 mph)

Test conditions

Calm sea, clean hull, fuel 250 l (66 US gal), water 100 l (26 US gal), passengers 3

Indicative price

Saver 300 Deluxe, no engines              € 61.000 + VAT


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