Garmin GRM Fantom

New Garmin GMR Fantom radars

Garmin GMR Fantom, is a new range of “open array” solid state radars with MotioScope for a higher precision.

The new Garmin GMR Fantom radars feature MotioScope technology, which uses the Doppler effect to detect moving targets with the best possible precision. Open array solid state technology and an innovative design allowed to reduce weight and size compared to traditional systems, while limiting the power consumption and featuring an immediate boot with no need for warm-up.

Fantom radars are part of the many new Garmin products already seen on BoatMag International, such as  Panoptix FrontVü or Nautix which projects navigation data on your glasses.


All the innovation of Garmin GMR Fantom

The new Garmin GMR Fantom radar is available with 4 or 6 feet antenna and delivers a best-in-class power of 40 Watts. It also features the pioneering Pulse Compression technology which maximizes energy in order to enhance detection and identification of targets, and another one named Pulse Expansion which focuses energy on the targets, increasing their size to help identifying them even at longer distances.


Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter functions make it capable of to adjust to surroundings in order to return the best possible performance in any condition. For a safe navigation there’s another two features: MARPA and Echo Trails. MARPA (Mini-automatic radar plotting aid) tracks selected targets around the boat, helping to avoid collisions. The second leaves on screen a trail of the targets to quickly identify their route. Again, Dual Radar technology allows to visualize on Garmin chartplotter data from two different radar sources.

Last in this long list, the Bird Mode function will be appreciated by anglers: Garmin GMR Fantom “sees” flock of birds on water surface, proof of a potential shoal.
Garmin GMR Fantom grants the best target identification in a range from 6 meters to 72 nautical miles, and is compatible with GPSMAP 7400, 8000 and the brand new 8400 chartplotters.


“We are convinced that solid-state technology is the future in radar transmission – stated  Andrea D’Amato, Sales & Marketing Manager with Garmin Italia. The new Garmin GMR Fantom confirms the seamless effort of the Company  in order to offer innovative products, made to lead in terms of quality and features”.

Garmin GMR Fantom radars will be available starting from June 2016, at an indicative price of € 7100 for the 4’ version and € 7700 for the 6’ one, excluding taxes.


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