Frauscher 717 GT, a boat less ordinary

The Frauscher 717 GT is “the” boat less ordinary, both for performance and for the look, in particular with the peculiar and flashy blue livery.

A jewel for the connoisseur, a racer with no hints of cruiser, she’s fun beyond imagination but she’s also very sensitive to inputs. A boat for experts. The engine is a gas Volvo Penta V8 producing 380 HP, and it’s mounted amidships: to reach it, you have to tilt the console and part of the deck. Transmission is through shaft drive, installed and tuned by the Shipyard as Volvo doesn’t offer this system anymore. The propeller works almost on surface, and it’s frequently the only part of the boat touching the water, along with the stern rudder, also thanks to a pronounced step crossing the hull.


Frauscher 717 GT on test

When we could push the 717GT pedal to the metal, the fun flew in like the power to the prop: a racing boat acceleration and a steady progression until we reached, in a bunch of seconds, 48 knots and 6,000 revs. The response to the steering inputs is surprisingly sharp and fast, while turning need to be very careful… Find all the rest of our impressions on


Frauscher 717 GT in numbers

Length o.a. 7.17 mt (23 ft 6 in)
Beam 2.25 mt (7 ft 4 in)
Draft 0.50 mt (1 ft 7 in)
Fuel 160 lt ((42 US gal)
Engine Volvo Penta V8, gas, 380 HP

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