New from Opac, the hardtop turns into sun bed

Opac has introduced a new kind of roof top, with transversal plates, which can be used as sun pad.
Opac has always been working to supply yachts and boatyards with parts for superstructures, so it’s not surprise that their R&D department has now designed a new kind of hard top cover which can adapt to different needs.


Innovation from Opac

Thanks to the usage of aluminum plates, and the section of the structure, the entire area of the hard top can be used as a solarium. When the sliding roof is closed, specific cushions by Opac turn the area into a sun pad. Each and every installation will come with a specific maximum load indication.

The capote can be divided into different sectors, with a variable number of plates, and can be adapted to different looks and shapes. This makes it good for any kind of yacht, both open and flybridge.
According to the size of the roof, the opening mechanism can be electric (up to 12 plates) or hydraulic (for a higher number). During the movement, the panels move together with full synchronicity.
Behind the roof, the amount of light can be changed by simply sliding or rotating the plates. More, the panels themselves help the circulation of air in the salon, enhancing the feeling of being outside.
BoatMag International has presented another innovation from Opac: a table which turns into a sun bed.


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