Nautica Bego on Lake Maggiore: the rent is creative

Not just plain boats: Nautica Bego rent, in Verbania on Lake Maggiore, offers original units, with peculiar touches.

The key is not being normal. Even the rental by Nautica Bego follows this logic: you can offer your clients neat and reliable boats, or you can “create” one-off pieces with colors and trims, to provide the user with a distinguished  means.
That is why, frequently Nautica Bego sell their rental boats before the end of the season, to testify how their fresh look is a plus. Beside being a guarantee on the always-new fleet offered every season.
Most part of the merit goes to Maurizio Bego, owner of Nautica Bego in Verbania on Lago Maggiore. He asks his suppliers (Yamaha, Suzuki, and the 40-year old Marinello yard) the best and most peculiar solutions,  the certainty to encounter customers’ taste.


So here’s the new Marinello Eden, ready for 2016 season. The hull is 5.30 m long and 2.30 wide, certificated for seven passengers, with a 40HP outboard. The distinction comes from the fuchsia interiors, which definitely stand out of the “creamy sameness”.


Stepping up one meter, there’s Marinello Elena, 6,50 m and 2,50 wide, with Yamaha outboard, tall guardrails (perfect for children), still good for seven passengers with some extra space.
If you want to go really different, there you have the American pontoon: a proper party boat, certified for 12 passengers, ideal for celebrations and leisure moments of any kind. At the same time, this can be the perfect solution also for disabled persons, as it is accessible with wheelchair on three sides.

Finally, if you want to feel the speed, Nautica Bego provides a Zar 57 rib with a 100HP Yamaha, for 10 people, or a Sea Ray with 185HP MerCruiser inboard featuring a fore solarium for eight.
Last but not least, the peculiar Love Day offer: boat + helicopter + dinner for two: whole day aboard with aperitivo, chopper ride above the Borromeo Gulf , and dinner at Milano restaurant in Verbania-Pallanza.


Making a reservation with Nautica Bego is easy, just connect to and check availability and prices (starting from € 100 for half a day). The site has several languages and works on pc’s, smartphones and tablets: you can put down a deposit, print the form, and pay the balance on site. Teh same website features maps of the lake with mooring spots, distances and links to the events hosted by the surrounding villages, in order to make navigation a different and superior experience.
Rental boats come with full tank, and once back they can be refilled at Nautica Bego own fuel pump. Should you want, you can even ask for a skipper, or, if you’re a sporty fellow, go for an experience with the flyboard.

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