Suzuki Marine introduces the new DF25A and DF30A outboards

Among the technical features of these new units, the electronic ignition with no need of battery, for immediate start, smooth acceleration and no vibration. And – of course – the Suzuki trade mark, the Lean Burn System: an electronic control of the air/fuel ratio decides the amount of gas needed, instant by instant, thus using less fuel than on a normal system simply because there are many situations (constant speed, slow pace) when it’s not required. This means same performance, but lower emissions and better mileage. When compared to old Suzuki DF25, the efficiency is improved by 15%.
More: the DF25A and DF30A are the first outboards in their class to mount needle bearings on the camshaft rockers, that reduce friction and improve performance. The crankshaft is slightly off-centered from the cylinders, in order to reduce the pressure of the pistons on the side of the pots. The new fairing gives better ventilation, cooling and air intake, and is helped by the new flywheel whose winglets optimize the flow. A newly designed air filter further improves efficiency. Finally, there’s a new, easy-to-access fresh water intake, so the cooling circuit can be rinsed anytime to wash away salt and sand.
The new DF25A and DF30A are simple to use but also to move, thanks to reduced size and weight. Production has started in the beginning of 2014, for availability on the market from late spring.

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