2017 preview: Monte Carlo 6S, the new demi-fly

As the small and profiled sunbridges are getting more and more popular, Mote Carlo 6S couldn’t call herself out. The result is excellent.

The new Monte Carlo 6S will debut at Cannes Yacht Festival and remarks one of the latest trends: a blend between the sporty line of a coupe and the livability of a proper flybridge. It doesn’t come by chance that the forerunner of this solution was Beneteau itself on their premium brand Monte Carlo.


Monte Carlo 6S: premium in every sense

Finally, the Monte Carlo range by Beneteau got the full, extended name rather than just the MC initials. A further confirmation to the very close distance with the most exclusive Monte Carlo Yachts built in Italy. And, the similarities between the 6S and the Italian-French cousins are immediately visible, with the large round portholes and the reduced incline of the prow.
On Monte Carlo 6S these traits are combined with a profiled superstructure, due to the small sun bridge which houses just a (cosy) dinette. There’s space abow for the sliding roof to let air and light into the salon. The sheer size of the boat is the same as the full-sunbridge one: 18.35 x 4.88 meters for a displacement shy of 20 tons. The engines are 600 HP Cummins with Zeus transmissions to save a significant 30% of fuel on traditional transmissions. The top speed should reach 28 knots.


The main deck is arranged around the galley to the back of the salon which serves both the salon and the cockpit, while the helm station Is in the center just before the living area, available in two layouts. Two choices also for the lower deck: the master room remains amidships and the VIP cabin to fore, but the third one can be replaced by a second lounge.
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