Extreme Fishing: watch how to catch a 225 Kg grouper in this video

If you are passionate anglers you can’t miss this video: four friends, a small center console boat with an outboard (Suzuki 175 HP, to be precise), the right equipment…

We are in Florida waters, and the visitor is giant grouper, or better a Goliath Grouper, a specimen whose estimated weight is 225 kilograms (around 500 lbs).  The battle is relatively short, but given the size of the catch, it’s pretty intense.
Two friends hold the rod with their feet firmly on the gunwale, as on a fighting chair. At one point another friend keeps the fisherman by holding his waist with his arms. A team work which soon managed to wear down their prey, then to hoist it on board more easily.
The catch belongs to a species called Goliath Grouper, part of the larger family of groupers. It normally dwells in relatively shallow and warm water, so it is quite common in Florida, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and along the Brazilian coast.

How can a grouper be so big?

Actually the largest specimen can reach a weight of 360 Kg (almost 800 lbs), but the catch we see in this video is close to a record: the largest grouper ever caught with line and hook measured 309 Kg (681 lbs) on the scale, and it was captured in Florida in 1961.
Stuart, Florida, where the specimen in the video was caught, is on the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 miles north of Miami. Surely those waters teem with fish, much more than our seas, but a fish of this size is not common even in that part of USA.

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