Five boats for all seasons, as chosen by BoatMag International

It’s not just fishing boats: if you want to cruise all year round you need a sturdy and safe hull. Here’s our pick of the boats for all seasons.

Inboard or outboard, displacing or planing. If you want to cruise all year round and do it safely and comfortably, the choice has to keep in mind some priorities including generous internal volumes. The first thought goes to sportsfishing crafts, pioneers in this area and very appreciated in the Northern waters. The candidates for our top-five were many, and the selection was also dictated by whether we tested them or not. That’s why the new Beneteau Antares is missing, for instance (her test will be published shortly). For this, as for the new Barracuda, you can still read our presentation. So, here’s our choice, from the smallest to the largest.



Ranieri International CLF22: all-purpose six-meter

After a test in extreme conditions, this of 6.60-meter boat convinced me for the excellent combination of seaworthiness and livability. CLF22 stands for “cabin luxury fisherman“, to emphasize the goal of combining the professional needs of anglers with a good bias to recreation and relax. The range goes from the entry level, 5.65 meter CLF19 to the “flagship” 9.30 m CLF30, through CLF22 and CLF25. Read about the glorious 50 years or Ranieri boatyard story.



Quicksilver 755 Activ and 955 Pilothouse, a seat for two

Yes, it’s tough to choose between the Active and 755 Weekend and the 905 Pilothouse. In favor of the first there’s of course affordability, both in terms of purchase price and maintenance costs. 7.40 meters in length guarantee good interior space although the versatility is a bit reduced as compared to the Pilothouse, especially for anglers. In the end my pick is for the 755 Active Weekend, which conquers for the modular cockpit layout and the excellent exploitation of the covered areas.



Arctic Commuter 25: Nordic flair

Thanks to the exuberant powertrain of our test boat (twin 250 HP Evinrude G2) and the rough sea, this 8.55-meter boat amazed me as it rarely happens. Cruising at 40 knots on rough water (but the top is claimed at 54) in total safety is a thrilling feeling. Add to this a careful use of space, and you get how Arctic Commuter 25 is ideal for fishing enthusiasts and brave boaters.



Beneteau Swift Trawler 30: essential yet complete

This boat is unique for a number of features. 9.90 meters long, single-engine, single cabin, she has everything to conquer a niche of passionate boaters who don’t go berserk for high performance. Add to this is the blazon of the Boatyard, and there you go: Swift Trawler 30 is a perfect all-rounder.


Cranchi Eco Trawler 53: don’t give up on anything

If budget is not a problem, why renounce to Cranchi Eco Trawler 53, first of a range that from her 17 meters goes down to 43- and 40-feet models. The offer of rather big trawlers is pretty large nowadays, but the Italian shipyard has managed to blend tradition with Mediterranean culture and with the care of Italian shipbuilding construction. And our test confirms all the premises.

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