Opac Soft Top: open your boat’s roof and don’t waste any space

The new Opac Soft Top saves space by raising the fabric of the opening roof: a simple yet practical innovation.

The Turin, Italy company is always on the edge when it comes to designing and manufacturing canopies for boats and yachts, and this Opac Soft Top confirms their innovation momentum. Supplier to many prestigious shipyards, they keep on their search for effective solutions to improve comfort aboard. Products like this can seem little more than small details, but they significantly increase livability.


Opac Soft Top: simple yet practical

Latest product on the market, Opac Soft Top with electric operation is already installed on models from a well know boatyard. The canopy, whose mechanism has already been tested in other Opac tops, relies on a series of levers for its movement. During opening, these levers raise the fabric portion of the top outwards, increasing the usable height and therefore the livability of the space beneath.
The raising process of Opac Soft Top is controlled during the whole opening process and the ribs are stable at every position point. The mechanics of the top, whose flexible portion consists of a double canvas, facilitate the fabric portion’s upward motion: when fully open, it is raised and gathered, leaving the space below unobstructed.

Opac-Soft-Top_1 (1)

Opac’s attention goes beyond mechanics and extends to searching for ever lighter materials, and less vulnerable to damage from the salt in the marine environment. Opac Soft Top uses a molded plastic material invulnerable to corrosion by external agents and electro-welded fabric for a greater capacity to block water and moisture.
From Opac, here’s the hardtop which turns into sunbed.

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