Mercury Go Boldly is a slogan and a philosophy at the same time, which together aim to broaden the perception of the brand in a perspective focused on the boating lifestyle that Mercury, with their wide range of products, are able to enhance.

Whether for fishing, relax, adventure, sports, high-performance navigation or whatever else, every boater pursues his own nautical lifestyle.
Given this, Mercury Marine has announced a worldwide brand message and advertising campaign, focused on enhancing the boating experience. The campaign claim is “Go Boldly”, aimed to “inspire confidence while capturing the high level of excitement and energy around the Mercury brand”.
To promote the brand, Mercury has created a Go Boldly video and enhanced web presence that shows off the spirit of self-assurance the company brings to boaters.


 Mercury Go Boldly wants to connect emotionally with boaters

“Go Boldly creates an emotional connection with our customers with the goal to create an unprecedented level of brand loyalty that we hope will create customers for life”, said Michelle Dauchy, Mercury Marine chief marketing officer.
The new brand creative was designed with the help of Miami based Markham & Stein, an agency with more than a decade of work in the marine industry. The idea of Go Boldly wants to differentiate Mercury Marine from the competition while strengthening relevance with core customers and building brand loyalty across the product line.


“Our job at Mercury Marine is to empower boaters to enjoy their time on the water and create life-long memories. Go Boldly embodies that aspirational pursuit of adventure and how Mercury creates those memories for the boater”, said Dauchy. The new creative assets will be featured in various forms of media and have been integrated into Mercury’s trade show displays for the 2017 boat show season.

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