Yachting Store Verbania and GoPro to capture those special moments

Yachting Store Verbania and GoPro want to help you save the best moments of your active life, while boating or practicing your favorite water sports.

Filming every instant of your sport activities not only helps find mistakes and refine your technique, but also allows to share special moments with friends and relatives. That’s why Yachting Store Verbania decided to offer their customers the last models from GoPro: small video cameras capable of filming in unprecedented 4k standard all your adventures.



Yachting Store Verbania and GoPro: full partnership

Top of the range of the quintessential action camera is the new GoPro Hero 5 which introduced with the Black version exclusive features like the capability ofworking 60 meters deep in the water and of filming in 4k (ultraHD) standard, vocal commands to operate the main functions and a 2” touchscreen to visualize previews, edit material and change settings. The remaining operations are managed by asingle button. More, GoPro Hero 5 Black is submersible to 10 meters even without the casing.



A more affordable but even smaller model offered by Yachting Store Verbania is Gopro Hero Session. Videos and photos maintain high quality (1440 dpi and up to 100 fps), with the chance to film in stop-motion with intervals ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds and to shoot photos up to 10 shots per second. Bluetooth and wi-fi allow connection with apps and accessories, and a single button operates the camera and activates recording. Last but not least, also Gopro Hero Session can dive 10 meters under water without case.


Add to all of this an unprecedented range of accessories (all available at Yachting Store Verbania) which allow to carry your GoPro on the helmet or on your chest, on the lapel of your jacket or stuck to the side of your boat. Imagination is the limit.

Take a look at what Yachting Store Verbania has…in store for your dress code.

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