Luca Brancaleon is the new Sales Director worldwide of Beneteau

Experienced, determined and hard-working. This is the profile that Beneteau was looking for for the position. So, Luca Brancaleon has been appointed as worldwide Sales Director of the brand, both for sailing and power boats.

His resume is busy with nautical expertise collected in different markets and brands, starting with a family business (although quite large, at the time) like Sessa Marine, then ranging among a wide line-up of brands within the huge Brunswick Group, managing brands the like of Hatteras, Cabo Yachts, Boston Whaler, Sea Ray e L-Class, which space from the affordable sportsfisher to the luxurious cruiser.

The brand helps

It will be a tough job for the eclectic Brancaleon, but he will be helped by the huge popularity of the Beneteau brand. The French manufacturer has never stopped investing in the development of better products, new product lines and innovative solutions. Perhaps, the main task he will be facing is to keep the pace with the hyper-dynamic approach of Beneteau, which is part of the world leading group in boating, in terms of revenue and dimensions.
On our side, and knowing him personally, we are confident that he will pay back the trust that Beneteau has bestowed him by appointing him as the Sales Director worldwide.
Luca Brancaleon was born in 1972. He has graduated in Law at Parma University and entered the nautical business in 2004, with marketing-oriented managerial duties. Before working with boats, he has worked in the pharmaceutical sector and in the mechanical field.

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