ISA yachts launches joint projects with international designers that revisit the brand’s style and dna

The skills of top designers combined with 50 years’ experience in both new builds and refits will mark the new course of the shipyard. A fully redesigned line-up starts with the complete restyling of the Sport, Classic and GT ranges by Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi.

Isa yachts: trade marks will coexist with a whole evolution

ISA Yachts continues to implement its development strategy, with the goal of confirming its standing as one of the leading global megayacht builders.

A sporty and dynamic mood, fast performance and sophisticated styling go hand-in-hand with the style and design features that ensure ISA models as immediately recognizable, the most evident examples being the big arch that establishes a link between the cockpit and the superstructure, the continuity of the stairways in the stern up to flybridge level, the big side windows, and details inspired by the automotive industry.


ISA sport 120: evolution of the entry level

The new model is an evolution of the previous 37-meter, the entry level of ISA Yachts range, already built in 11 units with the latest to be launched in Ancona in June 2017.

The brand identity is emphasized by a refreshed and more functional touch. The ISA typical side arch, running from the transom to the windshield, is even more tense, while another peculiar element – the extensive use of windows surfaces – is particularly enhanced thanks to a three-meter long glazing which includes direct access to the side decks, and two recesses on the hull for a floor-to-ceiling panoramic view from the main deck salon and from the owner’s suite.

The cockpit sun pad is enclosed in the spoiler that leans aft, allowing to have more space and a cool panoramic viewpoint, and giving the yacht a strong connotation that reminds the world of automotive design.

According to the designer’s proposal, the interior style is characterized by a compromise of contemporary and modern elements: light colored wood essences combined with polished stainless steel details are accompanied by fine coatings such as hand stitched leather and Italian fabrics. The broad use of diffused indirect lights is used to emphasize the design and to convey special lighting scenes to the interior areas.

G:GM YACHTDOMINATOR6969 GA 11090769 GA 110907 Model (1)

ISA classic 50: the first of the tri-deckers

The new 50-meter tri-deck yacht is the first born of the new “Classic Line”. As explained by Enrico Gobbi “ISA 50 is a performing yet elegant yacht, that reflects a sleek design with a nicely proportioned profile balanced by the typical grand arch connecting the aft deck cockpit to the superstructure. Continuous window surfaces characterize the yacht’s profile and allow to have a stunning view of the panorama and flood of natural light in the interiors. The windows have sinuous shapes and are outlined by tense curves, purposely designed to make the yacht appear even sleeker and longer”.

The master suite benefits of floor-to-ceiling panoramic view, thanks to the notch in the hull that ensures an ongoing contact between the interior space and the panorama outside. Another opening in the hull, in correspondence with the main deck salon, opens completely the view from the salon towards the sea.

The convivial exterior spaces are developed on three levels: the main deck, with spacious lounge and formal sitting area, a more chill-out sofa area on the upper deck with an exterior dining, and the forward sun area with panoramic sofas and a Jacuzzi pool enclosed in the superstructure. In addition, ISA Classic 50 features a 17-meter long sun terrace above the water, enclosed between two large transparent glass structures that characterize all models belonging to the new series of ISA Yachts.

As on every model by ISA Yachts, interiors can be totally customized. The first proposal by the designer shows a play of light and dark colors enhanced by elegant lighting effects. The Canaletto walnut and lime wood essences with matte finishing combine with glossy lacquer details, hand stitched leather and Italian fabrics.

G:GM YACHTDOMINATOR6969 GA 11090769 GA 110907 Model (1)

 ISA gt 67, the heir

Successor of GT 66, winner of 2014 World Yacht Trophies with M/Y “Okto”, the model gains one meter and features the same innovations as the other two projects. The first unit will be launched in 2019.

“We revised the typical features that distinguish ISA Yachts with an even stronger appeal”, says Enrico Gobbi, “such as the grand arch connecting the aft cockpit to the superstructure, enriched by the air intake detail worthy of a sports car. The design of this large and unique sports yacht shows a well balanced and pure exterior, with sleek, strong lines and slender silhouette. The volume of the superstructure is purposely drawn back to imitate the proportions and extended front hood of a large sports coupe”.

Continuous window surfaces characterize the yacht’s profile and ensure floor-to-ceiling panoramic views from the main interior areas: salon, master suite, and upper deck salon. A peculiar detail of the yacht is the transom, with an enclosed pool and characteristic “U” shape on the stern made out of transparent glass. Then again, worth a mention are the touch-and-go helipad located up forward, and a “glass house” on the fly deck, the latter being a jolly space with a 180° panoramic view and wide opening on the deck. Presented as a gym, it can be equipped as the owner prefers.

Inside, 10 guests are accommodated into 4 double cabins and a panoramic VIP room, plus a full beam master suite with enclosed private balcony. In the first concept ISA GT 67 shows a contemporary style characterized by a balanced compromise between glossy wengé wood, mainly used for custom designed furniture, and a softer ivory maple wood.

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